Hardcore Risette fan help (if possible -.-)

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User Info: cyrus583

4 years ago#1
Im sure alot of you see this and are thinking "oh god another HRF post"

but I seriously couldent help it
im on my 8th playthrough now been purely focused on getting this god awful achievement
and have yet to do so im nearing the final dungeon yet again and no luck what so ever
my teams roughly in their 50s almost 60s (everyone not just select 3)

so i have to ask WHAT exactly does one do when their at the point of "WTF DO I HAVE LEFT TO GET" of this achievement? becouse im dieing to get it done so i can finally retire this game im starting to get burned out of it which sucks becouse i love persona games >_<

if anyone can possibly lend me any advice that might hit this issue where it hurts please do so...

becouse im at wits end running back through everything 50 times and still no dice
i seriously thing the person that thought this achievement was a good idea needs to have chie leave foot prints on his face -_-

User Info: ORANGE666

4 years ago#2
There's like 30 lines outside battle if you talk to Rise with different costumes on

User Info: cyrus583

4 years ago#3
yea i forgot to mention i did that with all the outfits i have for my MC which i believe is all of them and the rest of the crew only missing like 1 thats supposed to happen with Kanji's work clothes that i forgot to get

the ones i got for other chars are based on this

if theres any OTHER costume comments not listed then ANY extra unique comments will help at this point...as far as i know im missing kanji's work clothes and the battle armor / magical armor / swimsuit

for chie / yukiko / naoto

User Info: Skull007o_O

4 years ago#4
Kamui miracle can help you if you need to get inflicted with ailments.

User Info: KADFC

4 years ago#5
Have you collected or know what kind of lines that you've obtained? Saying you've played through the game 8 times and running through everything 50 times doesn't say much.

Knockdown 1 to 4
Kill 1 to 4
Deaths/Critical HP

User Info: cyrus583

4 years ago#6
realy i have lost track of what i have and dont i have done ailments and knock downs and supprise attacks ambushes normel fights....going to lower level area's my level and higher level...took turns with people getting 1-3+ knock downs on enemies and kills

had everyone hit with ailments of all types had them flee from combat....
got all the boss unique lines....

this is what makes this achievement annoying as hell becouse theres nothing to KNOW how many you got unless you track them in your own head and i would have to write it down or somthing becouse i sure as hell wont remember....

not to mention theres still that debate of if lines transfer or not which has me on edge about 50% of the game...this current run through was a rush one with no S-Links so no allies would knock each other out of ailments and be able to get dizzy state with out getting back up on their own so if lines DONT roll over to NG+ then im straight up boned atm becouse i skipped marie's dungeon becouse i have the mineset of it carried over...

User Info: Gmoney-

4 years ago#7
Hmm I don't get it. Where do I talk to Rise for this costume thing?

When I'm in the dungeon press square?
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User Info: supermegachaos

4 years ago#8
I got that without even trying to get it.

User Info: regularsharp

4 years ago#9
supermegachaos posted...
I got that without even trying to get it.

Me too. And as someone who got the trophy on my first play through without even trying to get it and not even knowing it existed, I was actually pretty shocked to find out it was so elusive for everyone.

That said, it doesn't make sense to me that the lines wouldn't 'carry over', or more accurately be recorded as 'heard' separately from 'what the game knows', but if I can go through the game once and get it without even trying, while someone else can go thorough eight times intentionally trying, yet failing to get it , I'd almost have to assume they don't.

If it makes TC feel any better, I earned it about 15 before I beat Izanami, so it was something I earned at the very last moment.

User Info: RinkuTanuki

4 years ago#10
From: ORANGE666 | #002
There's like 30 lines outside battle if you talk to Rise with different costumes on

I don't think these count.
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