Hardcore Risette fan help (if possible -.-)

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User Info: Ginuwine_Import

4 years ago#11
RinkuTanuki posted...
From: ORANGE666 | #002
There's like 30 lines outside battle if you talk to Rise with different costumes on

I don't think these count.

They do count. There are several people on the board that had it unlock while with different costumes. Me personally I got it when I manually spoke to her in the dungeon. There's a different line for rescuing a person and after as well. Hope this helps.
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User Info: cyrus583

4 years ago#12
yea i dont know im fixing to head off to work so ill be tryin on and off to get it but i seriously dont know what to do anymore becouse if lines DONT carry over the best way to get it would be somthing like starting over from scratch or not using powerful persona im terribly jealous of people that got this with out trying becouse this moronic achievement is tickin me off bad

User Info: loseswithluigi

4 years ago#13
My way of getting it:
1. Get Rise as as low a level as possible.
2.Take her to the dungeon at SL 1 with big enemies and beat up things for a while, but don't kill. Get sneak attacks and be sneak attacked.
3. Take her back to the dungeon once she has weakness scan, i had just gotten it before Naotos dungeon. Fight in all dungeons but still keep avoiding kills. Try to get as many different weakness lines as possible.
4. After getting the whole party, buy all the weakness hitting items from the store. Take the team to the. bottom floor of Naotos dungeon and split them into two parties. Begin grinding out the knockdown/kill lines for each character. (1,2,3,4,5 knocked down) (1,2,3,4 killed in one shot) There will be a group of four "Twins" and a Samurai looking guy that are one of the possible encounters. The samurai is immune to one of the elements the Twins are weak to, making it easy to tailor the fights to get the lines you want.
5. Just play normally after that but mix up your party, it should pop around the end of heaven with all the misc. battle lines you have been collecting. If not, wait til the final dungeon or don't and farm the status effect lines for each character using Analyze shuffling, all three debuffs are included too.

User Info: cyrus583

4 years ago#14
Well just to give everyone a update i do believe now that Lines carry over and thanks to loseswithluigi for the tip on that group of 5 in the lab i found them on the 6th floor and farmed them to do the 1-4 knockdown / kills all over again and well apparently some i missed maybe becouse of teddies moronic self butting in to do a special attack -.-

heres proof of the event

so thanks a bunch for the tips guys time to go fill out the rest of my persona compenium happy day! :D

User Info: defunct32

4 years ago#15
Hm, I got her trophy on my first play-through:


I wasn't expecting this, I didn't do much costume change, I just grind and grind and I remember I like to analyze then I got super bored and rely a lot on her comments so I guess maybe one way is to keep doing dungeons?

User Info: LightOfJudgment

4 years ago#16
In the final dungeon, I got a lot of lines by analyzing and backing out when people were debuffed (those papillon enemies always cast Ma-ndas on their first turns, and there are dice in Naoto's dungeon that have Debilitate). I got HRF while there.
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