Do some people not like Marie?

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User Info: Valkyriye

4 years ago#11
I personally liked Marie a lot. Sure, she'll never make my favorite characters list, but the extra dungeon she adds is interesting and her poems are cute. I'll never consider her for the lovers route, or give her any thought beyond her social link and dungeon, but she was a nice change of pace from the other social links. With her's, it really felt like something was at stake beyond a psychological issue.

User Info: KhaoticOne

4 years ago#12
Hate her.

She forced onto the IT team and is one of their precious "teammate" despite not doing anything. It sucks how she fits into the overall plot the in a similar manner. Basically everything about her screams Forced and Contrived.

Al lot of my problems with her could be rectify by presenting her in a more natural manner and give some more depth towards her as an individual than revolving it around the Game's Plot. On paper shes sound decent enough but her presentation is bad.

Wanted to say more but post spoilers but iunno how to black mark (?) it.

User Info: LightOfJudgment

4 years ago#13
^ Use spoiler tags (< spoiler >Insert spoiler here.< /spoiler >, remove the spaces).

As for Marie, she was kind of meh. I would have liked her S. Link and scenario a lot better if she had more of a progression in her relationship with the others, instead of just being immediately accepted and well-liked. Indeed, it is rather contrived. I also greatly dislike the tsundere archetype, though I can't deny that there were some funny moments (such as the poems).

I'd say it's something that just could have been executed better.
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User Info: thompsontalker7

4 years ago#14
She gets a lot better near the end, but for basically the entirety of her Social Link it was annoying, the rest of the IT seemed to try to force her into their group, and then that wasn't enough so they made her relevant to the story too.
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User Info: _BTT_

4 years ago#15
She was okay. I'm generally okay with archetypes as long as they're written well, and I did like the way Marie was written. My problems with her is that she's very clearly added on after the fact. Her Social Link and later dungeon really makes her feel like she's supposed to be a member of the Investigation Team. She interacts with the crew in a very natural way, and if the events she were involved in weren't clearly revolving around her, she could fit in pretty well, but that's the big problem; outside of those instances she has NO involvement. Kanji even says out loud when you're about to leave Inaba that NO ONE has seen her since she was saved in the Hollow Forest. Considering the events between the two could they SERIOUSLY not just say "Oh yeah, Marie's been hanging out with you guys too, because stuff happened."

Her connection to the overarching plot is also fairly weak and contrived as well, and similarly is clearly added on top of the existing game. It's obvious that her role was an afterthought, and it honestly was, but she could have been written in better, no doubt.

As a character I think she's okay, but she's not integrated into the game as a whole as well as it feels like she should be. To me, that's a shame, and for as good a job that was done with Adachi's Social Link I think there definitely could have been more effort put into Marie. I ain't going so far as to say she should have been PLAYABLE, but at least give her some more involvement and integration.
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User Info: Will S

Will S
4 years ago#16
The first time I "found" one of her poems, I thought it was funny. Every time after that was annoying. And unlike pretty much every other scene in the game they're unskippable! :(
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User Info: Dota2

4 years ago#17
i hate her.

User Info: Gaboado

4 years ago#18
Hot but not a good character.
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