I absolutely HATE Jpop. Should I still get this game?

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  3. I absolutely HATE Jpop. Should I still get this game?

User Info: Nightmare637

4 years ago#51
wtf happened here?
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User Info: sevihaimerej

4 years ago#52
Alright then TC, maybe if an issue as minor as music is the main deterrent you have when considering purchasing this game I say either give another Megaten game a shot or broaden your criteria to include something like gameplay or story.

Seriously though, the Jpop in this game is actually really good, and the battle themes work very well (especially the final boss theme). If you are don't buy this game for whatever reason you should check out Nocturne (mostly hard rock), Digital Devil Saga (kinda like Jtechno on this one, much more of a hopeless, melancholic vibe), or Persona 2 (much more traditional sounding jrpg music). The only way to provide more help than this thread has already attempted involves you providing more information.
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User Info: IAmMC2

4 years ago#53
Gaboado posted...
WAAAAAAY better than rap or other type of garbage popular nowadays. ( I really don´t care if someone hate this comment, it still trash for me. Love Jpop )

Congratulations, yourmoronic otaku fanboyism has probably done more to discourage the OP from buying this great game than anything else.

Anyway I loathe all Japanese vocal music, but I still loved the hell out of this game and a lot of its soundtrack. Truth be told you don't have to like the music to enjoy the game.
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User Info: SefcaBlight

4 years ago#54
you can just put it on mute and play your own crappy music over it
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  3. I absolutely HATE Jpop. Should I still get this game?

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