Who's the character that you hated the most?!

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User Info: SpacePirateSeal

4 years ago#61
ConMan8 posted...
I never saw what was so bad about Yumi...

Probably if you don't go lovers with her, which is why in NG+ I went with the elementary schooler "Apple Cheeks" that way I didn't feel any shame about denying her childhood fantasy. And as for me my most hated character would have to be the principal at Gekkou high.
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User Info: SonicBrawler123

4 years ago#62
NANAKO! Ugh, Big Bro this, Big Bro that. Shut up, b****!
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User Info: MysteryVeil

4 years ago#63

Couldn't stand her, and her SL is always the last one I finish.
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User Info: GalacticPB

4 years ago#64
Main cast: Yukiko
Side characters: Morooka
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User Info: esehomie14

4 years ago#65

User Info: TowerBooks3192

4 years ago#66
Namatame for looking like the enemy in yuyu hakusho (the guy with a mole on his forehead)

between noriko kashiwagi and Morooka, I hate kashiwagi, atleast Morooka keeps things to himself and he is chaste rather than Kashiwagi who is dirty.
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User Info: itis41269

4 years ago#67
"Big lizard in my backyard, i can't afford to feed him anymore"
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