Just curious,what did you name your character?

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User Info: snothead

4 years ago#1
it's just something random i thought of...

well,i named mine KAORU NAGISA from neon genesis evangelion. =)
I'm a ninja and I can dodge the rain

User Info: ChibiDeidara

4 years ago#2
I Used My Name , Azula Beifong =)
Maybe you should worry less about the tides, who've already made up their mind about killing you, and worry more about me, who's still mulling it over -Azula-

User Info: Yu-no-Mikoto

4 years ago#3
Akise Sumeragi from the name of Akise Aru from Future Diary and Rai Sumeragi from Code Geass: Lost Colors for my first playthrough.

Lelouch Ashfield for my second.

Yu Narukami for the third.

And currently I'm using the name of Kaguya Horaisan in my fourth playthrough.
"I can't fight Marie!" Yu Narukami, Persona 4 Golden.

User Info: ConMan8

4 years ago#4
Yu/Yuu Narukami in my first two playthroughs. Seta Souji in my vanilla playthrough (yes, backwards, because people wrote the name wrong when I googled it)

Rise Kujikawa in my current third playthrough.

It didn't turn out as funny as I thought it would... maybe I should go Yosuke Hanamura next time.
I wanted to name myself Naoto Shirogane but it didn't fit.
Official [character] of the [game] board.
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User Info: Shizuru_Shu

4 years ago#5
Random name. Natsu Souleji...

User Info: LiquidGaga

4 years ago#6
Big Boss, should've went for Big bro instead lol
PSN/Steam/Origin: LiquidGaga
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User Info: yukaru00

4 years ago#7
I played the japanese version, so I named mine Taishi Yukaru, in japanese kanji letters of course.

User Info: coder12212

4 years ago#8
Well, I started on P3 and sorta jumped around on the Shin Megami series. All my character had a different first name, but they all have the same last name. That way it seems like all their potential or power was in their blood and didn't just come out of no where.

User Info: TheExiled280

4 years ago#9
Yu Narukami
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User Info: iliekpieplz

4 years ago#10
It's always a Japanese name so the guy doesn't seem outta place.

First time around was Murato Fuyumine, and on NG plus I named the MC Yohei Asakura because of the new save file graphic.
Life doesn't imitate art, it imitates bad television.
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  3. Just curious,what did you name your character?

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