Bosses that could have been better? (Big Spoilers)

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User Info: natchu96

4 years ago#11
LinkofHyrule991 posted...
Tayo2345 posted...
Lord_Kagato posted...
The fight with Adachi should have been much, much better.

Also, Izanami-no-Okami was an absolute bore-fest thanks to such a horrible BGM. Ameno-Sagiri was a more entertaining final boss despite being a giant eyeball. Better battlefield too.

Adachi's fight is perfect the way it is.

It makes sense that he's so easy to defeat.

He's a manipulator, relying on making other people do his dirty work, and he's going through a mental breakdown essentially, relying on cheap tactics that have a decent chance of completely crippling your team (Evil Smile+Ghastly Wail) if you're not prepared. He's piss easy if you know what you're facing and prepare accordingly (Repel Elec, Repel Wind, Repel Phys, Null Dark, Null Fear, press triangle, come back 5 minutes later) because he's devolving.

ALSO, as a sidebar: Easy doesn't mean bad.

Plus he's just another persona user with nothing especially special about him going up against 4. The Strega fights in P3 were pretty easy too.

Considering our wild card, it might as well be one guy versus 3 + a one-man army.
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User Info: Rasolisu

4 years ago#12
All persona users are pretty easy and have low HP, it's 4 v 1. Marie is really a mechanics test with use of breaks... However yeah she should have been slightly harder maybe striking your weaknesses hard but not quite kill a single character, making those armors more useful, keep her HP low though as well her body is breaking during that fight.

Izanami really shoulda had her level buffed to like 99 seeing how she is the true final boss and level affects dodge rate as well.

User Info: porkins_da_man

4 years ago#13
I liked Shadow Naoto's boss, but it was the least memorable. Ever shadow boss, except for Yosuke and Chie, had some sort of gimmick. Yukiko had the prince, Kanji had Tough guy and Nice guy, Rise had the interuption to fight Teddie, Mitsuo had tge awesome theme and the rebuilding shell, The one that look like Jesus (I dont know his first name, just that he's a Sagiri) took control of you party members, and the last ones for obvious reasons. What does Naoto's have? It has brave blade and status effects. It would have been cooler if in both the anime and the game, it's beam gender swap you, like it's original intention was.
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