Planning my new game plus to platinum game. Need tips from platinum achievers.

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User Info: JRPG

4 years ago#1
I am hoping to get these trophies in my second run.

I am needing
Compulsive reader
Max social links
Complete the compendium (I'm at 65%)
Hardcore risette fan (dreading this)
Fuse izanagi

I'm trying to figure which FAQ to follow to do the first two. They are the least of my worries though. I know to play soccer since there is the chance of missing a book with the basketball event. Any other books I need to worry about.

Now the hardcore risette. I hear horror stories of people playing the game 8 times(which I hope is a lie or over exaggeration). They don't carry over and if you are over leveled you miss lines.
So I plan to play easy an just skip battles apart from bosses until I get risette with all her skills. And then go through all dungeons scanning as attacking but not killing. Sounds tedious so I may not bother with this.

I'm also concerned about getting the compendium complete while im so focused on social links and reading. I also feel a bit overwhelmed since there is a lot to get and it costs a lot of money. I'm guessing beat bet is to do this once I have all other trophies and just farm gold hands for money and buy and fuse until I get them all.

Any other tips that may help me?

PSN: Joerpg84
3DS: 2621-2720-6163

User Info: Cedicus

4 years ago#2
Use the guide made by KADFC.

It is possible as long as your traits are maxed out.

For the books, Follow KADFC's guide and sometime around November/December you should only have a few books left. Make a 2nd save file and spend nights reading all of the books in those months then reload.

Use fortunes at the shrine on nights when no one will rank up, ALWAYS carry the adjacent persona for each Social Link.

Start the Day care job and Tutor job as soon as possible.

Hardcore Risette Fan is cake. Play with your core team when entering new dungeons and use new members when you work on quest and fighting the extra bosses. You will have it by the time you reach Heaven.

For Personas use:

For Margaret's SL:

Have fun I know it seems overwhelming just take it a step at a time.
Vita PSN: Cedicus
3DS FC: 2707-1599-6445

User Info: mms78

4 years ago#3
Dont play on easy difficulty. This will cause you to get more experience. Instead modify the difficulty which you can do on New Game Plus. Make damage given more, damage taken less and keep experience gained to normal/or less if you want to be lower leveled. You can also make money earned more if you so wish.

If you still dont get the Risette Hardcore fan trophy by the time you reach heaven, try using teddie's anima miracle or whatever its called. I got the trophy by spamming it for an hour and I didnt even bother trying to get the lines when you're weak sauce.

User Info: demunpuncher

4 years ago#4
You can set the difficulty aspects to whatever you want at any point in NG+, you can do a mix of Very Hard and Very Easy if you wish. Set EXP gain to less (I think it's .3x) and money gain to more (3x) making the overleveled and underfunded parts null and void.

Incidentally, it's way easier to do the Compulsive Reader on a separate playthrough from the Legend on Inaba since it'll free up the nights to spend time with S. Links or draw fortunes for Temperance. Although it is possible to both, in which case I'd say follow KADFC's first round guide since it will get you both trophies in the one run. Remember to have Jester at 6 by November (I think) since it auto-levels via story after that.

Considering you can fill the Compendium while you're in the dungeons, it will never conflict with getting S. Links and books done, so there's no need to focus on only one or the other. Although you will need every S. Link maxed in either round 1 or NG+ to be able to fuse the Arcana's "ultimate" Persona.

To fuse Izanagi-no-Okami, you need to have gotten either the True or Golden ending. You then take Izanami, Sandman, Nata Taishi, Grimehkala, Norn, Okinushi, Orthrus, Kartikeya, Mithra, Tzitzimitl, Cu Chulainn, and Legion and do a dodecagon spread fusion.

For Margaret, you need to get the True ending in round 1, then fight all the optional bosses, max her S. Link, and get the True ending again in NG+. Then on 3/20 immediately after getting the Orb of Truth (do NOT do anything else) re-enter the Velvet Room to get the invite. Go to the top floor of Heaven and fight her. For the fight, set damage taken to less, damage given to more, start with a triple Auto-Ma Persona, go alone to prevent one-mores, and Power Charge + Hassou Tobi with Yoshitsune till it's over. Of course you can set the damage options to their opposite and make it harder if you wish, but if it's just he trophy you want this would the easiest way.

User Info: JRPG

4 years ago#5
Thanks everyone for all the tips!! Very informative.

With the fortune increasing social it worth resetting if I get small/mild blessing? Hoping it shouldn't matter since it may get tedious but I could probably do it for a while.
PSN: Joerpg84
3DS: 2621-2720-6163
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