Accomplice.. (SPOILERS)

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User Info: PatHatchet

4 years ago#1
when Yu clutches his phone in disgust at himself when Adachi smiles, something about that was unsettling... D:
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User Info: RinkuTanuki

4 years ago#2
Maybe something about the fact that you just stabbed all of your friends and loved ones in the back or something I dunno.
I'm not 100% sure, so don't quote me on this. But I don't think the purpose of the censorship was to ruin time-traveling Hitler's fun. - Curse

User Info: GSSAGE7

4 years ago#3
Even the narration says you made a monstrous decision. It doesn't say that if you throw Namatame into the TV. It doesn't say that if you don't rescue Marie. It doesn't even say that if you cheat on every girl with every other girl. That decision is the first time the game itself, and not a character in it, calls you out on being a horrible horrible person.

User Info: SolKarellen

4 years ago#4
Yeah, I'm Adachi's ***** for the rest of my life because he can blackmail me anytime I want, and all my friends are going to slowly turn into shadows after I peace out of Inaba.

"There'd come a time when life'd pull us apart. S'not a reason to avoid people."

User Info: Mystickay86

4 years ago#5
I'll never bring myself to get that ending, ever.
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User Info: Rasolisu

4 years ago#6
Mystickay86 posted...
I'll never bring myself to get that ending, ever.

It has its own unique ending video so its worth it to just unlock it.
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