P3 vs P4 Shadows

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User Info: demunpuncher

4 years ago#11
P3 shadows were about as bloodthirsty as a baby bunny. Go up a couple steps or the ramp to the raised areas and they immediately forget where you were and can't see you. Run for about a second and they'll hit in invisible wall. Be a couple levels higher than their average and they run away from you. The only part about them that was harder than in P4 is that in P3 they don't pause to screech at you before rushing.

User Info: The_Jest

4 years ago#12
SpicyRamen10 posted...
I love how in P3, if you're higher leveled than the shadows, they would turn tail and run away like cowards.

This. At the very least, you got to give the P4 Shadows credit for courage. Even if they are easy to evade at least they don't turn tail and run for it like the devil was after them whenever you approach with a much higher level then them. Even the weakest shadows in P4 aren't afraid to try to practically kamikaze you.

On the other hand, one could argue it as a matter of intelligence. If you saw, say, Elizabeth, running towards you looking to stick your head on a pike, and your only option was to fight her regardless of her clearly outclassing you, or run like cowards, which would you choose: fight a losing battle, or run and hope to whatever you worship, if anything, that she decides not to chase anymore?
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