Are the other Personas like the first one?

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User Info: PuckHockey

4 years ago#1
Posted this on the Persona PSP boards and it seemed kinda dead.

I hear how fantastic the story, characters, and gameplay are of the Persona series (3 and 4 specifically, with 4 getting a fighter) and I wanted to play it. I started with the PSP remake of the first, and I didn't like it. I feel it's very generic, tedious, and time-wasting with the random mazes that only exist to keep making you fight random battles, which I just turn on auto pilot to win with healing inbetween fights. I admit I'm not that far yet but I don't find it that appealing and fusing monsters isn't that fun. The game has a very weird mix of user friendliness and crazy statistical depth, one that I don't think mixes very well and it just isn't very engaging to me.

I really want to like this series and I'd like to know if the others are like this at all. I'm thinking of quitting this one, skipping 2 entirely and going right to 3 which everyone loves. But even then I'm not sure.

I started at 1 because another RPG series, Disgaea, has some good things said about it and I absolutely had a blast from the first game to the fourth, despite the sensation of stagnancy between the four.


User Info: Zero 0083

Zero 0083
4 years ago#2
Storyline wise, it's a bit subjective. I think P2 and P3 are highly revered for their story, though P4 isn't bad storyline wise either. However, P4 and especially P4G is an excellent improvement in terms of gameplay. Instead of one big mega dungeon, the game has multiple unique dungeons with a few randomized floors. Also, you only have to worry about fusing Personas for the main character and unlike P3, you can have direct control of your party members. Additionally, P4 has improved on the Social Link System, which is the main selling point of the game. At the very least, the game has a Very Easy setting so that you can really take it easy for the dungeon crawling segments.

Frankly, I tried going back to the older Persona games and I kinda got bored of it after having a taste of P3 and P4. I quit playing P2 IS midway just because the whole contract system was a bit of a turn off for me instead of the Social Link System. That's all I got for now.
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User Info: PuckHockey

4 years ago#3
I don't suppose the social link system is in the first? Also thanks, I guess I'll just grab P3 FES on PSN.

User Info: Zero 0083

Zero 0083
4 years ago#4
The Social Link System wasn't introduced until P3, which is why it's such a major change and also why it's tough to go back to older Persona games
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User Info: DynamicJumpIuff

4 years ago#5
I'd say P2 has the best story and characters but my favorite was P3P. I'd say they're all worth playing besides for the first one.

Persona 1 was bad imo. You should probably skip it or watch a playthrough of it TC.
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User Info: CronoDAS

4 years ago#6
I thought Persona 1 was pretty bad (my review:, and Persona 2: Innocent Sin is more like Persona 1 than it is like Persona 3 and Persona 4. P2:IS does indeed have a much better story than Persona 1, but it takes a LONG time before it starts to get interesting. There are indeed people who rave about Persona 2, but I'm not one of them. I'd definitely recommend quitting Persona 1 and moving straight to 3.
- Doug
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User Info: Iceyflame

4 years ago#7
Persona 1 and 2 are very different games 1 should be completely ignored it has no redeeming quality's the story is bland and boring repetitive gameplay

2 however has easily the best storyline of all the games but the gameplay will piss you off

so its okay that you dont like persona 1 its a terrible game give Persona 4 a shot its the better of them all as a complete package gameplay puts it slightly above 3 imo but 3 and 4 are equally as good as each other

User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#8
P2 is held as the best when it comes to story. P2, SMT2, and Soul Hackers are held in high esteem in this area by megaten veterans. P2 itself is the much better game in comparison to P1. You could say it's like a bridge game between P1 and P3 in gameplay. It refined everything that P1 did while having a stronger story and third person exploration. Although many don't play P2 for the gameplay. The game is split into two games. One is called Innocent Sin and the other Eternal Punishment. However, both games are strong enough to stand without the other. It's my personal favorite Persona and megaten title. It's even my favorite game outside of Xenogears.

P3 story is quite a bit weaker than both P2s', but it's still good. It's the second (or technically third) best Persona game IMO. The main edge it does have over P2 is the gameplay. It's much better. P3P is even more refined. FES and P3P both have their strength and weaknesses. Personally I prefer P3P. Others like the false sense of immersion in FES since P3P have a visual novel style.

P4's story is rather mediocre. If you enjoy Scooby Doo then you should like this game story. But it's the best when it comes to gameplay of the 5 games. It took everything that P3 did when it came to gameplay and improve on it. P2 did pretty much the same thing except with P1.

Over all this is what you should know about P1/P2 and P3/P4. They have different styles. P1/P2 are a lot closer to the main SMT titles in themes and style. P3/P4 goes off to their own thing. You could say they are black sheep of the franchise as far as theme goes. P1/P2 have a more traditional style. P3/P4 are more social sim like.
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