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Your Persona + Shadow

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User Info: D_Winds

4 years ago#1
If you, by some lucky accident, got thrown into the TV world, how would you think your Boss Shadow would look like? And if it is defeatable, how would you believe your Persona would manifest? It's better to try and think of this as what portrays your inner self, rather than aesthetic preferences :)

Boss Shadow:

Weapon: Uses large spear, but with shaft severely cracked/chipped. Always pointed forward

Body: Standing, elder-looking turtle. Hunched over, mist swirling about the shell. ~4 times the size of a regular person. Faint image of a snake on the underbelly. Animation is just breathing up and down heavily.

Color: Orange shell, with light swirling patterns. Red underbelly, with snake image a little darker. Spear has black shaft, but yellow at the metal point.

Name/Lines/Moves: -may edit later-


Weapon: Scythe, about twice as long as body. Weapon stance always in "ready to attack" position.

Body: Sea-serpent-esque person, 4 times as tall as regular person. No clothing, just jagged scales. Light waves lapping at tail.

Color: Yellow body, with slightly tinted silvery scales. Weapon has still black shaft, but metal point is now white. Waves are light blue.

Name/Lines/Moves: -may edit later-

Your turn!
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