Man Yousuke *some spoilers*

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User Info: Hydreigoon

4 years ago#1
I swear this guy is the funniest character in the what he says to Kanji when we're in the tent.

"We're just wondering if its...okay to be alone with you.." My god I never laughed so hard at a video game..
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User Info: RinkuTanuki

4 years ago#2
Here we go.
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User Info: Nightmare637

4 years ago#3
I like Kanji more.
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User Info: Rayearth87

4 years ago#4
RinkuTanuki posted...
Here we go.

User Info: Rihawf

4 years ago#5
Rayearth87 posted...
RinkuTanuki posted...
Here we go.
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