How would the P4G Cast fare in a P3P/P3 Setting *Spoilers?*

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User Info: Raven236

4 years ago#1
Lets say the settings were reversed and the P4g cast were in the events and location of P3P/P3, and vise verse. (P3/P3P cast are in the P4G setting)

Do you think the Investigation gang can handle the fall?

Or SEES handle the TV world and murders?
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User Info: Gaboado

4 years ago#2
Teddie is a problem, trying put him in P3 story is hard since the SEES are, you know...

User Info: eidolon24

4 years ago#3
P4 characters are very optimistic so they can handle it. P3 has Mitsuru and Fuuka so they can handle it to. Mitsuru has a lot connections so getting information from the police would be no problem.
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User Info: Inertion5

4 years ago#4
P3 has Ken tho so he might f*** s*** up.

User Info: looolrog

4 years ago#5
Yu would get all the girls, all the guys would swoon over RISEEE :) :))) and ignore Mitsuru thus making her a spinister and miss kashiwagi's apprentice in the unholy trinity of kashiwagi, hanako and Mitsuru.
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User Info: Skull007o_O

4 years ago#6
It'd be hard for most of the Investigation team members to get past the first 'encounter' with shadows... P3 imposed a much more cruel and dark environment, and what gave strength to the SEES members was the fact that most of the team had lost friends or family. Some of them even were there for a mission, not just by coincidence

And I personally think SEES would have it much more difficult to find Izanami, though they would've solved the regular murder case in a second, mostly because Mitsuru's contacts within the police force. As I said, they'd have a hard time reaching izanami because their methods are different (I don't have time to explain now, gotta go somewhere else :d )

User Info: _BTT_

4 years ago#7
I think for the most part the cast of P3 would do well solving the Midnight Channel case. Though Koromaru and Ken would be completely useless in the other world, Mitsuru's connections with the police department that others have already stated would help them catch the culprit faster. I have to agree with Skull007 though that whether or not they find Izanami is questionable. Part of the reason the P4 cast was worried that things weren't finished was the fact that fog still permeated the other world. The P3 cast doesn't give a flying crow about Shadows and sees them as monsters, but the P4 cast knows what they are, and have a greater connection to them. Heck, one of them IS a Shadow. In the end I think they'd be more than able to stop the culprit, but when it comes to Izanami I question their ability to find her.

As for the P4 cast, the problem is motivation. Everyone on the team was either motivated to fight because they were a victim and wanted to help the existing team, had a personal connection to the victims, or was the Protagonist. Assuming they all have "the potential" I worry about their motivation a little, but as long as they can be motivated to continue to fight I think they'll do fine.
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User Info: Skull007o_O

4 years ago#8
I believe the SEES would ignore the possibility of a greater power, mostly because they would solve the case without delay, and thus, they wouldn't get to know what are shadows, let alone the whole thing about the rumors and people accepting false truths to live in blissful ignorance and all that. They never questioned the existence of Tartarus, as well as shadows or Nyx, That was a strong point of the investigation team, due to their lack of resources to pursue the killer properly, they had the chance to analyze the case from different points of view
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