What are your favorite Persona songs?

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User Info: TowerBooks3192

4 years ago#21
Shadow world
reach out for the truth
that winter song
Junes theme and the one nanako always sings
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User Info: Zuxtron

4 years ago#22
Never More
Now I Know
Best Friends
The Genesis
Time to Make History
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User Info: NoChanceInHell

4 years ago#23
Songs heard in game
Let the Butterflies Spread Out
Battle for Everyone's Souls

On the remixes
Deep Breath Deep Breath Reincarnation
Changing Seasons Reincarnation

Persona Music Live
Soul Phrase
Deep Breath Deep Breath 2009
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User Info: Exa_Man

4 years ago#24
In no Particular Order:

From P4:

Void Quest
The Girl in the Hollow Forest
Mitsuo Boss Music,
New World Fool,
Kyouki no Kyoukaisen

From P3:

Burn My Dread
Burn My Dread -Last Battle-
The Battle for Everyone's Souls
Deep Inside my Mind,
Soul Phase,
Wiping All Out (P3P),
Danger Zone (P3P),
Jika Netto Tanaka :)

From P2 - IS:

The Crawling Chaos
Knights of the Holy Spear
Maya's Theme
Ginko's Theme
Time Castle,
Smile Hirasaka

From P1:

Lone Prayer
Bloody Destiny
Velvet Room,
Satomi Tadashi,
Alaya Cavern,
Snow Queen,
Nemesis Tower,
Thanatos Tower
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User Info: eclecticgift

4 years ago#25
Reach Out to the Truth
The P3 FES song
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User Info: Zero 0083

Zero 0083
4 years ago#26
No P4 Anime love? Well then, in no particular order...

Key Plus Word
Sky's the Limit
One And All
Pursue My True Self
Traumerei (aka Reverie)
I'll Face Myself -Battle- Reincarnation version
Burn My Dread
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User Info: ethsfan

4 years ago#27
A New World Fool
revelations mitsuo
burn my dead

User Info: snothead

4 years ago#28
mine are:

Burn my Dread(P3 opening)
P3 fes opening(i don't know the title lol)
Mass Destruction(P3 battle song)
Want to be close(gekkoukan high theme)
Changing Seasons
Afternoon Break(P3 lunch time music if my memory is correct)
Reach out to the truth
Your affection
Pursuing my true self
Iwao to Dai Bun Ryou(P3 Dorm theme)
Memories of you(P3 ending theme)
Never more(P4 ending theme)

I hope Atlus makes a new P3 game for the Vita.
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User Info: _BTT_

4 years ago#29
My favourites are:

Shadow World
Never More
Shin Mitsuo Tensei
Pursuing My True Self
Time to Make History

In no particular order.
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User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#30
Battle (Revelations Persona)
Deadline (Revelations Persona)
Snow Queen (Revelations Persona/Persona 3 FES)
Boss Battle (Persona 2: Innocent Sin)
Main Theme (Persona 2: Innocent Sin)
Knights of the Holy Lance (Persona 2: Innocent Sin)
Final Battle (Persona 2: Innocent Sin/Persona 2: Eternal Punishment)
All Velvet Room Themes (Persona 2... I think this one especially gives me goosebumps.)
Map II (Persona 2: Eternal Punishment)
Shadow (Persona 3)
Tartarus Entrance (Persona 3)
Memories of the City (Persona 3)
Battle for Everyone's Souls (Persona 3)
Heartful Cry (Persona 3 FES)
Whiping All Out (Persona 3 Portable)
Underground Laboratory (Persona 4)
I'll Face Myself ~Battle~ (Persona 4)
The Genesis (Persona 4)

Whew... That about covers it. Maybe I should've said they're all great and left it that.
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