It's pretty sad this series has only seen one new installment in the last 6 year

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  3. It's pretty sad this series has only seen one new installment in the last 6 year

User Info: Kazuma_Yagami

4 years ago#1
And when Persona 4 came out it was on an outdated system that used the exact same engine as its predecessor. Honestly, I've only played through each game once, and I see nothing that warrants another play through, let alone rehashing the games a billion times. The battle system is bland and the story is the only thing that keeps you going. Once you are done with that there is just nothing left.

User Info: RyuuHou25

4 years ago#2
Can't be that bad if they enticed you enough to play through each of them once.
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User Info: ConMan8

4 years ago#3
P4's mechanics were actually significantly improved from P3's...
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User Info: porkins_da_man

4 years ago#4
Yeah, but you have to keep in mind that ATLUS makes other games too, like Etrian Odyssey, Devil Summoner, and Shin Megami Tensei IV. They are also hard at work on Persona 5.
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User Info: Inertion5

4 years ago#5
But you also have to keep in mind that they make at least 2 versions of every game they release. Sad, no?
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User Info: jubrany

4 years ago#6
^I'm hoping they make a 4th version of Persona 3 for Vita, incorporating the best features of FES and P3P, and adding more extra features, to put it on par with P4G.

User Info: DB-RB

4 years ago#7
persona 3 is overkill. p4 is actually good.
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User Info: regularsharp

4 years ago#8
>It's pretty sad this series has only seen one new installment in the last 6 years.

I know, right? I wish ATLUS were more like S-E and used all their flagship IP's to fatten their wallets. Are you reading this, ATLUS?? Where's my 'Persona - All The Bravest'!? I NEED it to validate girth of my fictional, electronic pee-pee. I NEED IT!

Not that I'm trying to label 'Persona' as ATLUS' flagship, but at least for me personally, it's a series that opens my door to the possibility of buying other games made by ATLUS, and also makes me pay attention to what they're doing in general. Ah, and I'm not ignorant to ATLUS's mobile phone endeavors, either, but all least they present all those as "Hey, d00d, this is just a little thing we made" instead of "THIS IS THE GREATEST, NEWEST ITERATION IN THE FINAL FANTASY COMPENDIUM! BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY ALL THE CHARACTERS! YOU WANT TO PICK THEM!? **** YOU! CAUSE **** YOU! YOU'LL GET THEM AT RANDOM IN A VAGUE, ELECTRONIC ATTEMPT AT BEING A CAPSULE MACHINE AND LIKE IT. WHY CAN'T YOU FIND ANY ITEMS TO BRING YOUR PARTY BACK TO LIFE? BECAUSE **** YOU, AS IN **** YOU! GIVE US MORE OF YOUR MUNNY AND MAYBE WE'LL THINK ABOUT IT. WANNA PLAY IN THIS AWESOME RECREATION OF SPIRA THAT'S TOOOOOOTALLY NOT AN OBVIOUS PALLET SWAP OUR ARTIST COOKED UP AS THEY MANIPULATED THEIR KEYBOARDS WITH THEIR SEX ORGANS? WELL **** YOU! CAUSE **** YOU! WE OPERATE ON THIS MATHEMATICALLY PERFECT FORMULA: YOUR MUNNIES X 9999999999 / OUR EFFORT (1 BY DEFAULT) = HAPPINESS. OUR HAPPINESS. FOR YOU? **** YOU!

Ohhhhhh I feel better now! And another thing-


Wait... I'm forgetting something important....

I think... it was horrifying, but I can't quite...


oh... oh no... OH NO.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! IT'S A LIE, I TELL YOU!!! A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*runs away crying*

User Info: metamara

4 years ago#9
P3 (2006)
P3fes (2007)
P4 (2008)
P3p (2009). Added female protagonist and other changes
P4g (2012). Added new stuff.
Persona series isn't lacking attention from atlus.

While certain fanatics only care about their series, atlus also made other series, like devil survivor.

User Info: kratoscar2008

4 years ago#10
What is sad is that people think that ATLUS is a Persona production company, guess what? ATLUS too make other series *Gasp*, what revelation.

You know ATLUS isnt SE that will only on the FF moneymaker trademark, they actually try to release other games too, very excited about Soul Hackers and SMT 4.
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  3. It's pretty sad this series has only seen one new installment in the last 6 year

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