Rise vs Mitsuru

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User Info: TowerBooks3192

4 years ago#11
Rise vs Mitsuru?

I will choose Rise. I think Mitsuru is too sophisticated. I didnt get close to mitsuru so I dont know much about her. If Rise decided to stop being an idol then I would be happy to marry her and inherit Marukyu.
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User Info: NinPhoenix64

4 years ago#12
To Inertion5:
Your twisted logic is that of an immature, egotistic brat!

... Sorry, couldn't resist. Lol.

As for the actual topic at hand, Rise. Hands down. Sorry; Mitsuru is definitely more attractive and refined (ridiculous (but CANON) P4Arena costume notwitshstanding on the later but doubly so on the former), but talking to her is a PAAIIIINNNN. I remember her early social links in P3 were particularly annoying; she seemed even less human than Aigis.
Rise, on the other hand, for all her faults is open and honest. She may trend a bit to close to the annoying Facebook girl from time to time, but deep down she's a lot more. She just has a much wider range of emotion than cold Mitsuru, and she genuinely seems to care about the Broswagonist and the Investigation Team while Mitsuru treated SEES like an impersonal manager.
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User Info: SmashStrike

4 years ago#13
KaitoKaze posted...
Inertion5 posted...
I don't even think P4 arena is canon. Bash me all you want but all I see is a game just to please some minor fans. P4 should die already.

With that said, P3 Mitsuru wins over cleavage duckface facebook Rise.

Golden's extended epilogue confirms Arena is canon, sorry

IIRC it's the other way around. When Arena came out we got an official statement by the Persona series director that it was a canon sequel to P4. I don't think we got any word of P4G's place in canon, but since it references P4A it's safe to assume it takes precedence over vanilla in terms of canon.
Your twisted logic is that of an immature, egotistic brat! - Naoto Shirogane

User Info: king_zetta

4 years ago#14
Mitsuru is legal
-drop the mic-
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