8 hours into this game. Any killer advice to make the most out of gameplay run?

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User Info: DemonBuffet

4 years ago#1
My brother already mentioned to buy out the soda machines every week and never go home directly after school without getting something done in town.
What else?

User Info: GSSAGE7

4 years ago#2
When doing social links, make sure to have a persona with a matching Arcana, to make the social link advance further.

User Info: natchu96

4 years ago#3
Don't go into the TV world dungeons to fight too often. You really only need to be in there for one afternoon to grind and save the person. Farm recovery items from chests (or use SOS over wi-fi) as necessary when you are still in the first dungeon and have no reliable means to heal you HP and SP.
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User Info: TowerBooks3192

4 years ago#4
make the most of your tv session. I only go there like once for story rescue then once on a rainy day for quest and optional shadows then wait for the next story rescue.
Everyday is great at your Junes

User Info: Skull007o_O

4 years ago#5
- Rainy days: eat at aiya for boosting social stats
- Social links: give priority to party members
- Aeon and Jester S. Links are important
- Hierophant and Justice have an earlier deadline

User Info: demunpuncher

4 years ago#6
Fuse Personas instead of getting them from Shuffle Time.

Only go into the TV World on the first rainy day after it becomes available and only that day. The reason being that there's really nothing you can do on rainy days, only 2 S. Links are available (Hermit and Sun) other than that you can go the Chinese Diner Aiya to raise 3 random Social Stats (Courage, Knowledge, Diligence, and Understanding) or fish.

Turn on Network Functions and make good use of the SOS feature, at he beginning of each battle you'll usually get some HP and SP restored (the amount depends on how many people respond to it).

A couple Persons to get early are Cu Sith (Sun, level 11) and Sarasvati (Priestess, level 17). Cu Sith learns the skill Growth 1 (inactive Personas gain 1/4 EXP after battle) at 11 and Traesto (acts as a Goho-M) at level 15. Sarasvati because she gets the skill Invigorate 2 (restores 5 SP every turn) at level 19. Try and pass Growth 1 and Invigorate 2 on to all future fusions (until you get their next level at leas) and if the option arises during Shuffle Time pick the Magician Arcana and hope that either Growth 1 or Invigorate 2 ranks up (Growth 2 is 1/2 EXP, Growth 3 is full, and Invigorate 3 restores 7 SP).

Whenever you spend time with an S. Link make sure you take along a Persona of the Arcana to vastly increase the points gained and reduce the time it takes to max it.

Don't try and max every S. Link, focus primarily on Hermit and party members. Instead, max the social stats, unlike S. Links ranks they carry over into NG+. Expression and Understanding are needed for some S. Links, Courage can allow for some of the funnier dialogue options, and Knowledge will get you higher rankings after exams and thus better rewards from Dojima, Nanako, and your teachers.

User Info: DemonBuffet

4 years ago#7
Thanks for the pointers guys!
It's been a while since I've been so into a JRPG, so I want to make sure my experience is nothing short of satisfying :)

User Info: Lord_Kagato

4 years ago#8
Make sure you choose your party members wisely when in dungeons. Here's my advice:

-No matter who you choose to have with your party, always have a persona or two to make up for whatever your team lacks. No fire? Bring a fire type. No healing? You're the healer.

-Yosuke is the perfect jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none character. Until you're confident in your battle ability, keep him in the team for his great support.

-Chie is crafted around physical abilities, so you'll eventually want to forget her Ice moves in favor of physical moves. She's beastly in random battles due to her multi-hitting moves and she's got strong-enough single-target attacks to do great against bosses, especially later in the game. I recommend keeping Rampage until late in the game when you can replace it with Agynastra (did I spell that right?) Also, keep Black Spot. It's Crit rate is amazing, especially if you have Apt Pupil. Add Rebellion (which I prefer over revolution) and you basically have a crit-hitting machine. Also, "Counter" moves stack, so have at least 2 of them so that she pretty much becomes the best anti-physical member other than MC.

-Yukiko/Teddie are your main healers and magic-attackers. Have at least one of them in your party or you'll be taking up the healing role yourself, which is very possible to do while still doing some attacking. The preference on who to use is honestly up to you. The only real differences are that Yukiko is fire-based and focuses more on healing and curing status ailments. Teddie is Ice-based and focuses on buffing and he learns the best healing moves later than Yukiko does. I personally preferred Teddie, but you can't go wrong either way.

-Kanji is your single-target boss crusher. His magic stat is garbage, making his lightning moves just there to land weakneses. He's not nearly as good as Chie for dungeon-crawling, but in this version of the game, he learns Power Charge, which makes him a far better boss basher than Chie since Primal Force is a bit stronger than God's Hand. However, combining Chie and Kanji for bosses without any physical-attack counters/nullifiers just makes the boss sit in the corner and cry, so I highly recommend combining Kanji and Chie together when fighting bosses 90% of the time. He's also a tank so he'll live a long time.

-Naoto is so much better this time around and she actually starts of decently well right outside the box. Before, she was the worst party member to bring along in boss fights, but now that she gets Agidyne/Garudyne (pick one but dont keep both) along with Mind Charge, she's a pretty good boss-buster as well as a random encounter champion. She gets Almighty skills and Dark/Light moves, so she makes up for anything you might currently lack and she's great against gold hands when they start being immune to practically everything. Definitely bring her along.

All that said, my ultimate (opinionated) team setups by mid/endgame are:

Random battles: MC/Chie/Naoto/Yukiko with Yosuke able to replace Naoto if desired.
Bosses: MC/Chie/Kanji/Teddie with Yosuke able to replace Chie if desired.
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User Info: Lord_Kagato

4 years ago#9
-Don't get too attached to a specific persona. if you can fuse a stronger one, do it. Even if it's ugly or silly-looking. Their stats are your stats and not fusing stronger ones is the same as not upgrading your equipment.

-Rank up Hermit as soon as you can. The fox is stupid expensive early on, but his prices drop by 10% with each rank-up... so you'll be refilling your SP for 10,000 rather than 100,000 later on.

-If this is your first time playing a Persona game ever, then start on Easy or even Very Easy. The most content and the best experience comes in New Game +, which carries over your personal stats (Courage, Expression, ect) and allows you access to the personas you registered in the compendium before too. This will allow you to play on a harder difficulty and have fun while doing it while also unlocking more options to select in certain scenes and even a new (and HARD) boss fight at the very end if you max out the Empress Social Link and follow a few important steps. Really, NG+ is the absolute best way to play this game. A first run should just be seen as one really long prep game for NG+.

-Money is VERY important since you'll end up dirt broke after every new supply/equipment run. You also need money to resummon personas from the compendium. Do what you can to save money, like not buying gear for party members you don't intend to use. Don't worry, there's never a case where you're forced to use certain party members, so only get what you need. Also, on any mode other than VERY HARD mode, you can carry-over equipment from one dungeon to the next without noticing any significant drops in offense/defense.
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User Info: DemonBuffet

4 years ago#10
Bump for more hints!
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