Possible Female protagonist Wishlist (spoilers)

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User Info: TheExiled280

4 years ago#21
Why are you guys so desperate for a FeMC?
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User Info: WraithGirl

4 years ago#22
TheExiled280 posted...
Why are you guys so desperate for a FeMC?

A mix of reasons, I assume. Some of us are girls, and we identify more with playing a female character. Others are guys who just want the opportunity to follow a female ass while running around in dungeons, or to let them date the guys. Others just like seeing how things change, like with P3P and the different social links, or even how some of the typical stuff changed.

There's problems with this route too, some of which have been mentioned already. Also, the gender/sexuality thing gets funky because it's much rarer to find decent gay options in gaming for romantic interests, and even the well fleshed out gay characters (like Kanji) are left just short of outright saying they are so as not to offend fans, or to "leave it up to interpretation." Persona 4 is the first game to really successfully tackle issues of sexuality and gender identity/gender roles, and even it fell flat at the last second.

Atlus USA is on record as saying that they made things more subtle in the English release about Kanji (despite the direction that Troy Baker got that Kanji's gay). With Naoto's gender issues, they also kind of fell flat, because here we had a shining example of what could/would be the first trans man character in all of gaming. What happens? "Oh, no, she was just confused. Check her out in Persona X Detective Naoto, she's all girl there."

Having more diversity in games enriches them. If it weren't for Kanji's struggles with his sexuality and Naoto's struggles with her gender, this game wouldn't be ANYWHERE near as awesome as it is. So to get back to your question, having the opportunity to play an MC that ISN'T a white or asian male is a good thing, even if it's only changing one bit in this case. There's always the risk that it would fall flat as well (see Lightning in FFXIII), but P3P shows that the people at Atlus are generally pretty good with this.

While the overall story of P3P was the same whichever gender you chose for the MC, the how you got there changed. And isn't that what gaming and storytelling as a whole are about? The journey, rather than the destination.

For some references from actual professionals in the field of gaming, check out the following Extra Credits episodes (and if you haven't watched any before, I suggest looking into the whole ongoing series).

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User Info: CaptainSackboy

4 years ago#23
TheExiled280 posted...
Why are you guys so desperate for a FeMC?

I doubt anyone's desperate some people may just want to see the events from a different point of view, or have an alternative to the typical stoic bishonen boy Persona protag.

User Info: Mortuss_Zero

4 years ago#24
It's already been said many times here that they think it wouldn't happen or that they don't want yet another P4 game, so I'll actually answer your question instead TC.
I'd want:
Dateable Kanji, Yosuke, Teddie, and either Rise or Naoto (or both, whatever).
I still want to swing a bigass broadsword.
To be able to win the beauty pageant
"Welcome Home Big Sis!"
Replace a few of the social link girls with guys: Sayako, Ai, Yumi, Band Girl, etc.
Funky Student romance social link.
Wake up and face me. Don't play dead, because maybe one day I will walk away and say "you disappoint me, maybe you're better off this way"
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