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User Info: Zero 0083

Zero 0083
4 years ago#1
Is it only once per battle or can I switch back to it to reapply the buffs?
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User Info: edge_of_pain

4 years ago#2
You'll have to reapply buffs manually.

User Info: Zuxtron

4 years ago#3
It only applies at the start of the battle. You need to have the Persona with the skills equipped, and when they run out you need to cast a regular ma-kaja.
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User Info: metamara

4 years ago#4
Only once at the start of battle, but you can activate all three at once.

User Info: Rasolisu

4 years ago#5
In the options you can turn "persona memory" off and that will let you set a persona to always be the one equipped the first turn in battle thus getting the autos up without a hassle. (New to the series.)
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