Why is everyone under the assumption that you have sex in this game?

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  3. Why is everyone under the assumption that you have sex in this game?

User Info: xXxgriegoxXx

4 years ago#21
"you stole my heart. You can steal the rest of me" --naoto
"Terra CAN fly. Kefka just decided he wanted to fly."

User Info: xsniper90x

4 years ago#22
>Why is everyone under the assumption that you have sex in this game?

let the poor fools live up their dreams and have fun with themselves. dont pop their dream bubble lol.
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User Info: regularsharp

4 years ago#23
"Oh... you wanna come to my room...? W-well, sure but... you know what this request implicates, right?"

*Chie nods*

"Fu, fu, fu... well then..."

-30 minutes later, at the Dojima residence-

"God dammit, Chie! Once again from the top!

Pattycake, pattycake, baker's man! Bake me a cake as fast as you can! Roll it, pat it, mark it with a C! And put it in the oven for Chie and me- Aw, COME ON! NO! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! How are you screwing this up!?"

"I-I'm tying my best!"

"Well your best isn't good enough! You know how hard it was to track down this Easy-Bake Oven (TM)!? How can you possibly mess up pre-measured ingredients!? I'll teach you to cook if it's the last thing I do!!"

This is what really happens when the screen goes black. I made this canon with the power of my mind.

User Info: SailorSatourne

4 years ago#24
Is that a Who Framed Roger Rabbit reference or do I have the wrong idea of "patty cake" in my head?
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User Info: regularsharp

4 years ago#25
SailorSatourne posted...
Is that a Who Framed Roger Rabbit reference?

It is. The other half of the story describes how Yu is actually a young Judge Doom and that Mystery Food X is how he came about a working formula for "Dip".

User Info: Storm Chamber

Storm Chamber
4 years ago#26
If you're gonna do the date sim thing, at least have them kiss.

This highschool stuff is for the birds
"We will not solve our problems by announcing them to the general public. We only speed ourselves on our way to the gallows." - Dr. Harlan Fontaine

User Info: ar2cool

4 years ago#27
I'm surprised NeonOctopus hasn't shown up in the thread yet. This is the kind of thread he'd be all over.
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User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#28
If you bring your girlfriend to your room. 9 times out of 10 you will either bang her or at the very least make out and cuddle. That's the only reason us guys would bring a girl to our room that isn't family or a very platonic female friend who might as well count as a sister.
"Your arms are too short to box with God!"

User Info: Sosuke15

4 years ago#29
I was on the assumption that we played monopoly for a long time. That game lasts forever.

User Info: MrMintyFresh

4 years ago#30
I dunno about you, but I imagine Chie and I chill out and play scrabble for hours. I totally dominate her since my Knowledge and Expression are Sage and Enthralling. :D

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  3. Why is everyone under the assumption that you have sex in this game?

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