Just got the game, mixed feelings on how to play

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User Info: Shadows_Of_Fall

4 years ago#1
So let me first say that I usually don't like any game with any forced inclusion of time or time management. I usually like to play slowly and try to get/max everything. So normally I wouldn't give the persona series a second thought, and I even stopped P3 only a few hours in. But the plot/design/cast and Vita accessibility convinced me to get this game.

My problem, however is that I'm torn as to how to play. On the one hand I want to max all S-Links and go for the best ending (and ideally get all the best Personas) but at the same time, I'm wondering if, to do that, I would need to be on NG+ or if that would mean that every dialogue choice and every actions needs to be exact. I'm also wondering if that would leave enough open days in game to do enough leveling to even be able to make it through the dungeons. And I'm slightly concerned about whether I would need to choose a specific romance to get max S-Links and what I would have to miss to get them.

Can anyone give any clarification on any of these points or give any advice?
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User Info: arclouks_x

4 years ago#2
if youwantthe plat you need todo 2playtroughs, recommend playing as you want and then taking the 2nd one seriously, that's better imo.
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User Info: TheExiled280

4 years ago#3
arclouks_x posted...
if youwantthe plat you need todo 2playtroughs, recommend playing as you want and then taking the 2nd one seriously, that's better imo.

This. Don't use a guide first playthrough. Just be sure to max Aeon S-Link
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User Info: Skull007o_O

4 years ago#4
This game's charm lies in the blind experience of a first playthrough. I'd strongly recommend maxing S-Links and other trophies for a second playthrough

If you want to max social links during a first playthrough, you have to follow a guide and do exactly what the guide says every single day (and it's worse on a first playthrough, because you also need to raise your social stats from scratch, unlike NG+, where your stats transfer and you have save yourself a lot of time)

That aside, romance is completely optional (though it's cool to see what happens in each case) and it has little influence in major events of the game (of course, there are days in which there are some special events with your lover/s)

I know I'm getting a little annoying with this, but a blind playthrough is the way to go for a first-timer (there are some very important tips though, but I don't feel like typing anymore :p ). 2nd playthrough makes things a lot easier since levels, personas and social stats carry over, and you don't have to worry about grinding and raising your stats

User Info: Materia Cloud

Materia Cloud
4 years ago#5
Well if you are going to go for max social links on the first play through you will need to follow a guide. Yangxu has a guide that makes for a very solid frame to follow. I just finished my first play through using it and I managed to get max social links. That said there are a few things to keep in mind. He takes the harem route through the game, stating that you get something for it. You don't, so you can feel free to just go with one romance option. This will change the responses of the level 8 and 9 social links, but you can look the pathways up easy. The other thing to keep in mind is that it states that a certain character needs to be in a romance to get the true ending. I do not believe this to be true, I think you simply have to finish the social link, but I am not positive about that.

In terms of combat and leveling, it is easy to keep up with the game. In fact it gets to be very easy once you get past the mid point. Basically what you need to do is take a single day and and beat the dungeon in one shot. While doing that you need to grind levels. Personally I kept with Izanagi the entire game. With a fair bit of grinding you will get enough stat increase and skill cards to make him whatever you want. By the end of the game I had 99 on all my stats and the ability to use whatever ability I wanted. The only fight I had any issue with was the final boss in the true ending. For quests and extra bosses, don't forget you can go back to old areas. You can find hidden bosses and stuff. So when you go to the second dungeon you should go back and clear the first one again. Stuff like that.

Lastly the main thing that you need to keep in mind is that even following the guide to the letter you will have discrepancies. Don't sweat it, you have nearly a full month to do whatever the hell you want, so you can finish things up then. All that being said, I dunno if you are going for a platinum trophy or not, but if you are, you have to play the game through twice no matter what. You may consider just playing the game and doing whatever the first time, but that is up to you.

User Info: MakatoNarakami

4 years ago#6
1. You HAVE to do a NG+ to get 100% trophies and Persona in this game, my best advice to you on how to handle this is, focus mainly on your outside the dungeon stats. Diligence, Knowledge, Expression, Courage, Understanding and the Social Links that interest you the 1st playthrough, that way the 2nd playthrough will be a breeze with social links.

2.The best way to leave days open for social links is to train as much as you want and clear a dungeon in one day(Usally one day or two after it opens) , that will leave plenty of time for Social links, Reading, and increasing your stats, and doing quest that become available, ones that require you to enter a dungeon are best possible taken care of during a rainy day since, no one is available, and if there is no quest, buy a Special Steak, eat at Aiya's, or try to use a machine that is usually hard to move

3. Romancing is safe, Pimp Yu is Canon Yu, You can date every school going female available and those datable outside of the school with no consequences.

4.Without spoiling anything...Yes maxing all S.Links will lengthen the ending and add some scenes, but you only need to truly Max out 2 S.Links for the best results and get their rewards.

5. Be weary of these boards, many people here don't even like this game.
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User Info: AnonYC

4 years ago#7
If you want EVERY dialogue choice it's impossible for the first run through as some of the early story choices requires courage. Also if memory serves I believe the secret boss and Izanagi No Okami is locked until at least the second playthrough. So just make sure you get the true ending the first time around.

User Info: JiggsMaster

4 years ago#8
You talk to people everyday until you're forced to fight. Time management isn't as hard as P3 because all there reall is to do is talk to people then go to the dungeon on the day you're required.
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User Info: Prometheus4208

4 years ago#9
Im almost done with my first playthrough, and i am very similar to you. At least in regard of always trying to complete everything or get the best of everything.

TBH i started out using no guides and that lasted only a couple of hours. Since ive grown up on RPGs (especially FF... missables much in X and later?) I HATE missables. There have been several games that I never finished solely due to things I have missed or became unobtainable.

Anyways, my suggest is to use the Max Social Links guide. It's a pretty awesome guide that will allow you to finish most of the game (and trophies) in one playthrough. Since I was stupid and strayed from this guide, I literally have about 4 windows open at once (with 4 different guides/sites) trying to make up for my "wrong" choices.

Even though it might seem like a chore, trust me, even if you use a guide it is still worth it. I'm not even 100% finished yet, but this game effortlessly makes my top 3 games of all time list.

Hope this helps, lol.
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User Info: Materia Cloud

Materia Cloud
4 years ago#10
^ What he said. It took me a bit of work, and looking around at various sites to get the answers I needed, but it was all worth it in the end. As much as I enjoy the story of the game, I always enjoy my time more when I know I am being as efficient as possible. Knowing I am missing stuff would detract from my experience. I honestly don't understand how people feel that using the max social link guide will ruin the game. Sure it may dictate when I have certain conversations, but in the end I would rather have them all than miss half of them. And like I said above, you have the choice to resolve the social links as you see fit, so the only choice that has been taken away is the option to shoot yourself in the foot.
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