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User Info: MournfulLust

4 years ago#1
Is it possible to unlock the best Jester Persona (maxed Jester Social Link) and get the true ending on the same file for the first playthrough? I want Magatsu Izanagi and be able to fight the secret boss in NG+. Or is there some other way of getting Magatsu Izanagi without maxing out the Jester Social Link?
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User Info: StrikeFreedomV2

4 years ago#2
Yes its possible to get Magatsu Izanagi and going for the the best ending
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User Info: KefkaesqueXIII

4 years ago#3
Jester will get auto-maxed as part of the True End, so long as you meet 2 requirements:

1. Get Jester to rank 6 by November 1st

2. Meet him alone when you're given the option
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