Favorite moments throughout the series?

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User Info: tyk0riental

4 years ago#1
What are some of your favorite moments throughout the Persona games, either story-wise or humor-wise?

IMO, close to nothing can beat going to the film festival with Koromaru in P3.

"You promise to buy the DVD for him when it's released"
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User Info: DynamicJumpIuff

4 years ago#2
The endings of Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment.
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User Info: KuronekoVII

4 years ago#3
Humor wise: Ski trip in P4G
Story Wise: Face up against Nyx in P3FES (Dat boss theme...)
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User Info: Inertion5

4 years ago#4
Akihiko at Shinji's memorial
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User Info: CatMuto

4 years ago#5
I haven't finished P3P yet, but so far my favorite scene in P3P: the Love Hotel. That part I loved so much, mostly because I thought it was hilarious... did annoy me that I couldn't get my Satsuki to do it with Akihiko... would've been neat. (The game is reated M, after all, why not give me that on the side?)

For P4 I can't think of many, except whenever I get the scenes leading up to the MaruQ Strip-Club dungeon.
Or one of the later Hierophant Social Links, I think, where Dojima made Nanako cry... I just made fun of how the game made sure to make me begin to care for Nanako and I just yelled, "You made Nanako cry! Nobody f***s with Nanako, man! You know what happened to the last guy that hurt her? He got thrown into a damn TV!"
But that is just me making a little fun of the game, I tend to do that.

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User Info: dillo9000

4 years ago#6
Akihiko's resolution and Shinji cheering you on in the final battle. Also the masterpiece that is P3's final boss.
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User Info: Sician

4 years ago#7
I thought it was amusing when you're with Rise in the winter cabin during the storm. Teddie and Yosuke burst in, telling her not to sacrifice her career for a little something something.
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User Info: Mortuss_Zero

4 years ago#8
I really enjoyed the Ski Trip in P4G.
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User Info: zandm7

4 years ago#9
Only played P4G but there's already too many favorite moments...ones that stick out off the top of my head:

"I'm ready to be born, dammit!"
Kanji: "What, so, someone's killing people with a TV? Wh-what, is he beating them to death?"
Teddie: "Wow! This tastes awful! You have to try this Yosuke!"
Teddie: "God, please grant me a girl...Number...2!" Kanji: "GYAAAAH!"
New Years anime scene, Kanji: "So this is what they call a white New Years..." Yosuke: "Nobody says that." Rise: "It might be a New Year but you're still Moronji." Naoto: "Ohhh...Moronji, *chuckle*" Kanji: "What are ya'll nodding for?!" Teddie (super high pitched voice): "MORONJI!"
The entire Club Escapade scene, of course.
Band scene, Kanji (before stagediving): "Y-yeah! I'll show you, what it means, to be a MAN!" Afterwards: "I...didn't know it was possible...to stand. On your own face."

There's more but I'm done. Too much typing for moi.
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User Info: gamemaster712

4 years ago#10
P3: answer,

The 3 battles before the final boss, so good I had to keep a File just for that.


The new stuff...
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