Best way to farm Gold Hands in MI dungeon? *spoilers*

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  3. Best way to farm Gold Hands in MI dungeon? *spoilers*

User Info: EmeralDragon23

4 years ago#1
Magatsu Inaba

I've gone back and forth in World 5 and 6 and only ran into one

I'm using it to train my lowly party members (Chie, Teddie, to a lesser extent Naoto)

my pain party is at 90 and Naoto's at 70 but the other two are 90s

so I'm just rotating between my three main parties (Yukiko, Kanji, Yosuke) whle keeping Naoto and switching off between Teddie and Chie

So I'm looking for a good method to farm the gold hands. preferably one that doesn't waste Goho-M, since I'm saving those for the reaper.

I'm taking a sidetrip from the final dungeon to do this lol
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User Info: nyte_blayde

4 years ago#2
Pre-emp, Mind charge, guard everyone else, Megidolaon, and Phys on anything still alive. If you're using Naoto, do the same.
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User Info: sirdoeboy

4 years ago#3
to save Goho-M item have persona with the spell Traesto this spell does the same thing as goho-M
Sun persona Cu sith learns this at level 15.
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  3. Best way to farm Gold Hands in MI dungeon? *spoilers*

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