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User Info: Golurkcanfly

3 years ago#1
Discussion/Sign-up Topic 1:

Character Spreadsheet:

Good luck and have fun!
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User Info: Golurkcanfly

3 years ago#2
Sunday, April 9th 2017, approximately 10:30 PM

"The most recent victim in this bizarre string of kidnappings is none other than our precious Yukiko Amagi." the newscaster announced with a callous look as she stood in front of the Amagi Inn. "As you know, she's been running the Amagi Inn ever since her mother passed away two years ago due to liver cancer. The traditional inn has been around for over a century, and she's brought it record visits in her short time as manager. Her friend and business partner Aika Nakamura will be filling in her role temporarily while the police investigate. She herself has been working for her family rame-"

The newscaster's voice was cut short as Sagara pressed the power button down on his remote before jotting down Yukiko's name on his notepad.

That's twice in the past month. Is he getting more ambitious, or is there something that I'm missing? Something staring me in the face.

He closed his notebook as he stood up and stretched his back before heading towards his room past the television.

"I better rest up now." he spoke to himself quietly as he shuffled in front of the TV. "I can think better in the mor-"

Suddenly, a pale hand burst from the television and grasped itself around Sagara's mouth, silencing him as it pulled him into the screen. His vision blackened and consciousness faded as he fell, down into the unknown, into the Midnight Channel.


Ow, where am I?

Sagara rubbed his head as he found himself surrounded by a thick fog in the middle of a courtroom.

This doesn't make sense. How could I be in my own home and suddenly in a strange place? Well, a kidnapping would make sense. Wait! Did I just get kidnapped!? Am I now one of the victims? Well, if the pattern keeps up, in three or four days, I should turn up with Apathy Syndrome. However, I doubt he would kidnap two people in the span of two days. Yukiko would have been abducted yesterday, as it was reported today. Is there a copycat?

He noticed something, something out of the corner of his eye. There was someone in the prosecutor's stand. Someone that looked just, like, Sagara.

"Who are you!?" Sagara called as he approached the stranger. "Are you the kidnapper!?"

"Of course not." the figure replied with a sadistic chuckle. "After all, I'm you. I can't be the kidnapper. Unless you are the kidnapper."

"How could I be the kidnapper!?" shouted Sagara as he stopped in his place, trying to get a better look at his double's face. "And more importantly, how could you be me!? I'm me!"

"We're us. Now look at them." the figure spoke calmly as he pointed at sack-cloth dummies in the defendant's stand. "Evil, wretched trash, all of them. They deserve to die. I know they're guilty. Everyone's guilty. They just stand in my way, spreading rumors, lies, and deceit, stabbing anyone they know in the back. They cheat and they steal, murder and rape. All of them deserve death, except me. After all, I'm infallible, aren't I?"

"You can't be me!" Sagara yelled as he rushed towards the dummies. "Everyone deserves a fair trial! We can't just judge them guilty for no reason!"

"But there is a reason." the double responded with a menacing glare. "Look, they're killing eachother as they speak. Meanwhile, I'm standing here, not even hurting a fly. Such rabble deserves to die, and I shall kill them. I will kill them all, because they only get in my way. Their evil fills my nostril with stink so rotten it corrupts the Earth."

"How can you be me!?" Sagara shouted again as he ran up to his double. "You're not me!"
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You know why spiders know how to spin webs when they hatch? Because F*** You! That's why.
(message deleted)

User Info: Golurkcanfly

3 years ago#4
terran3999999 posted...
(I first like to say that anything I type with parenthesis aren't part of the RP and just part of my comments. Holy cow, that escalated fast, um....I'm not sure if I should do mine now or wait for yours to finish, I don't feel like breaking the rhythm. And I take it you are going to be the "timemaster"?)

(Essentially. That bit was just to give everyone else an idea of when it is, which would be around the start of school.)
Official Amnesiac Darkrai of the Pokemon X Board
You know why spiders know how to spin webs when they hatch? Because F*** You! That's why.

User Info: Golurkcanfly

3 years ago#5
"Hehehehehehe..." the copy laughed evilly as a swirling mass of black and red surrounded it.

What the!? That, thing, is growing!

"I am a Shadow, the true self." a new being, bearing shining white armor and a great ivory bow spoke in a deep tone. "I think it's time to sentence these people, to death."

The ashen Nordic armor of the giant glistened as it drew a black-tipped and notched it on its towering bow.

"Stop!" Sagara screamed with a face full of tears as he stood in front of the sackcloth dolls. "You can't do this! Where is the trial!? Where is justice!?"

"Your justice is too slow. This is true justice!" the titan declared as its the bones in the gaps of armor creaked with fury. "Now die along with the sinners!"

Sagara shut his eyes tight as the Shadow released the arrow, waiting for it to strike him.

"What!?" he heard from the giant before hearing a great crash. "Who are you!?"

Sagara opened his eyes ever so slightly to see a young man, his age, with blue hair holding a sword inbetween him and his fallen Shadow.

He's wearing a school uniform and an armband. What does it say? S.E.E.S.?

The boy put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger, shouting as he did so.


Another being appeared, this one surrounded by coffins and holding a katana. It rushed at Sagara's Shadow at blinding speeds before cutting it down just as deftly as it sped.

"STOP!" Sagara halted the being as he opened his eyes and thrust out his palm. "Don't kill it! He's telling the truth!"

He slowly walked over to the crippled giant and bent down as he placed his hand on it before speaking softly to it.

"You're right. Maybe I do think I'm better than everyone, that I'm perfect. Maybe I do think that everyone else should die because of their shortcomings, but that isn't what should happen. What I want isn't what the world needs. The world needs people who can accept others, and if I can't accept myself, then I sure as hell can't accept others. I am you, and you are me. We are the same, and I thank you, no, myself, for showing me that."

Sagara's Shadow disappeared with a light blue light as a new being took form above him. It looked like the last, but the bone was covered in flesh and the torso bare except for a leather strap which held the bow on its back along with a ram's horn.

"Heimdall." Sagara spoke aloud before collapsing from exhaustion.

He heard one last voice before losing consciousness, a short sentence from the blue-haired boy.

"To think I got my hopes up."
Official Amnesiac Darkrai of the Pokemon X Board
You know why spiders know how to spin webs when they hatch? Because F*** You! That's why.
(message deleted)

User Info: drewh

3 years ago#7
A nuke explodes. Everyone dies. The end.

Can we close this topic now?
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User Info: empireoffire

3 years ago#8
Time: Sometime in the morning.
Location: Inaba.
Date: April 9th 2017

"Now...Let us bidazzle this ****!"

From right outside the front doors of a restaurant that was beneath remembering the name of, the great Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) used his GODDAMN fire powers to light up one of his trademark Magnum joints that he had in his mouth. They were like regular pieces of marijuana, except he made it himself with his own secret formula, so he would experience the same effects of a marijuana, with 100% less drug labels.

With guitar in hand, Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) kicked open the double doors to the restaurant. As the doors had underestimated the great Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum)'s power, they both flew off their hinges and were blown across the restaurant. One of the doors smashed corner-first into the skull of some sap who fell unconscious. But as Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) was from the future and had never known of such a man from history, he knew not to worry, as the poor sap had accomplished nothing in his mortal life.

His guitar, said to be forged from the heavens themselves and coated with diamonds, in hand, Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) began playing and singing.

On a dark desert highway,
Cool wind on my hair
Warm smell of--


Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) grunted in annoyance, as a rude man had interrupted his greatness.

"What the hell are you doing?! You think you can--"

Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) sighed, as he knew of only one way to purge this world of an organism as such was in front of him: an sad shell of a human, who saw his music, felt a strange feeling within himself, and converted that feeling into that of hostility. Once again, the music was 2deep4 the time period Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) found himself in. Yes, there was only one way to purge such arrogance.

Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) swiped his guitar at the heathen's head, knocking him tot he ground. But alas, the blow was not enough, for the man was still moving. Determined to see this mission through, Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) brought down the heavenly guitar of the gods upon the head of the man until the heathen moved no more. Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) stood straight, his guitar on one hand and his other over his heart, and gave a silent prayer.

May your soul find salvation, and may you finally find bliss in the netherworld.

Prayer over, Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) left the way he came. Once the police had come into the area, he was already gone, to areas unknown to spread his 2deep4 the 90s music. To grant Nirvana to the willing, and to free the heathens from their hollow prisons.
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User Info: Inertion5

3 years ago#9
ivanwind15 posted...
A nuke explodes. Everyone dies. The end.

Can we close this topic now?

What is with you and your off topic/game unrelated hate? Seriously, it's like you have some off topic childhood trauma. People never listened to you? Ignored you? Get it fixed man.
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User Info: empireoffire

3 years ago#10
Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) strutted down the street with newly-cleaned guitar over his shoulder. He could not help but notice the bizarre glances the humans gave him, with one in particular turning to his great visage only to flee screaming like a small child. Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) found this behavior peculiar, as heathens would not normally react to him in such a manner until he had actually begun playing.

But the answer to this question was unable to elude Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum), as he looked down to see that his garments were to blame: his green t-shirt was stained with the blood of the previous heathen of the bar he was just previously in.

I require a change of clothes.

Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum)'s attention was then caught by a figure in an alleyway at the corner of his eye; a sight that filled with with shock, horror, and sorrow. There, on the cold that is the ground, laid a lump covered with cloth. Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) crouched down as he approached the lump as a man's head came into view. Unfortunately, Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) knew exactly what was in front of him: a dead body of a poor soul whose life was cut short.

Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) gave a short prayer to the deceased.

I shall take but a mere item of yours, and I shall wear it as to never forget and to always remember this moment.

Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) pulled on the cloth over the body and threw it behind him with indescribable grace known only to the gods. Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) bent over the man and began to pull the shirt over the body...

But Egads! The body sprang to life!! It's head suddenly turned and looked at Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) straight in the eye! The reanimated body jumped back and scrambled backward until it was sitting with it's back against, as if in alarm, and began to speak.

"Whoa! What the ****?! What're ya doing?!"

Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) immediately sprang into action, as he has had similar experiences with the undead and knew how to handle the situation before him. He dropped his guitar and curled his hand into a fist, rising it up to the sky as the sun shone brightly upon it. His fist now blessed by the gods of the northern lights, Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) charged at the reanimated body and struck him with an uppercut with the strength of one-hundred men. The body became still once more as the head became separated from the torso and flew up into the air, to land in a place unknown to Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum). Cursing whatever dark magic was at play to create such a disgrace to the deceased, Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) took the man's undershirt (as everything else was once again sullied with blood) and replaced his green t-shirt with a green undershirt.

Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Jeffrey Magnum) left the alleyway, leaving the body there. As he continued walking with guitar in hand, he pondered about this area he found himself in, and what dark secrets it may hold, hidden from mortal eyes.
size does not matter....weight does.
other aliases: gamefreak043, Cyborg-Kangaroo, Joe The Smurf
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