What would be the ideal final moveset for the Party Members?

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  3. What would be the ideal final moveset for the Party Members?

User Info: Adrian2040

3 years ago#1
Just a thought that occurred to me.
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User Info: Stelman257

3 years ago#2
I copied this straight from KADFC's guide and modified Naoto's section a little as it's the only one where going with best weapon+best stat boosting accessory isn't ideal.

1 Garudyne
2 Magarudyne
3 Brave Blade
4 Youthful Wind
5 Dekaja
6 Wind Boost/Wind Break
7 Wind Amp
8 Evade Elec

1 God's Hand
2 Agneyastra
3 Power Charge
4 Dragon Hustle
5 Bufudyne
6 Apt Pupil
7 Revolution/High Counter/Ice Boost 8 Evade Fire

1 Agidyne
2 Burning Petals
3 Mind Charge
4 Salvation
5 Fire Break/Samecarn
6 Fire Boost
7 Fire Amp
8 Evade Ice

1 Primal Force
2 Power Charge
3 Ziodyne
4 Maziodyne
5 Elec Boost/The Man's Way/Atom Smasher
6 Elec Amp
7 Matarukaja
8 Evade Wind

1 Bufudyne
2 Mabufudyne
3 Mediaharan
4 Amrita/Matarukaja
5 Marakukaja
6 Ice Boost/Samecarn/Kamui Miracle
7 Ice Amp
8 Evade Elec/Ice Break

Naoto (this set assumes you use her Frost Shot weapon and a really good Ice accessory item, as that makes her Ice damage the strongest in the game)
1 Bufudyne
2 Agidyne/Mahamaon
3 Ziodyne/Mamudaon
4 Garudyne/Heat Riser
5 Megidolaon
6 Mind Charge
7 Invigorate 3
8 Shield of Justice
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User Info: astrophys

3 years ago#3
Although, obviously, there will be some dependence on your playstyle/team preferences.

User Info: SNeIa

3 years ago#4
Yosuke: I pretty much agree with this. While Tentarafoo is one of the best status spells you can pick up, it doesn't work against bosses, and you should be easily able to eliminate enemy formations in the late-game, reducing the need for ailments. Dekaja is made somewhat less useful with the advent of Debilitate, but it's more efficient. If you wanted to substitute another skill here later, it probably wouldn't hurt you too much.

Chie I'd take Revolution over High Counter (it has a fairly low activation rate) or Ice Boost (Chie's not built for magic damage), as it plays to her strengths. Alternately, I would consider keeping Rainy Death (it has about a 35% critical hit rate IIRC), to provide better synergy with Apt Pupil in random battles (more knockdowns, critical hits for days). I found Revolution mainly useful for getting criticals to knock down Gold Shadows, but that gets outclassed by Megidola(on) + Mind Charge. Also, I'd prefer Mabufu on Chie over Bufudyne; it can hit more targets (allowing for a greater chance of a 1-More), is cheaper, and if it does hit an ice-absorbing / repelling enemy it won't heal the enemy too much / hurt Chie at all.

Yukiko: You can get rid of Fire Boost if you find an accessory like the Oven Vow, which boosts Fire damage by 40% (only two elemental boosting / amping effects may stack). I liked to keep Mudo(on) on her to give her more opportunities for 1-Mores. Either Fire Break or Samarecarm would be useful (in the Februrary Dungeon) in situations where you want to expose an enemy to Yukiko's damage / don't want to rely on items. I found Fire Break useful early in the game for exposing certain Fire-Resistant or immune Gold Hands to Yukiko's fire attacks. Samarecarm is most useful on the MC anyways and can be replaced by items except in the February dungeon. Fire Break is also useful here if you don't want to rely on collecting Fire Breaker items. She does get Matarunda, but that's outclassed by Debilitate in the later boss battles / she'll want to kill enemies with fire instead of debuffing them in random battles.

Kanji He'll be using his spells mainly for knockdown, so Boost can be dropped in favor of another skill. Masukunda, while useful earlier on, gets outclassed by Debilitate. And I completely agree that Regenerate 3 should not be on this list - the effect is too weak.

Teddie Matarukaja is better than Amrita. You can use Amrita Soda for the same effect except in the February Dungeon or Yukiko's Salvation (although it is much more costly). Ice Boost, which increases his damage output, should be preferred to the unreliable Kamui Miracle or the item-reproducible Samarecarm again, except in the Februrary dungeon. He's not as much of a damage dealer as Yukiko, and I'd never consider it a good idea to take a Break skill over an Evade skill.

Naoto Heat Riser is fairly useless when so many good buffing skills / Dragon Hustle exist, and Invigorate 3 is not very useful when SOS / Relaxing Wave / Rise's in-battle assistance exists, except in longer boss battles (and you could also use a Chakra Ring or a MP-regenrating accessory instead). I like to give her as many elements as possible to maximize her knock-downs, but perhaps whichever one you have best covered by your other allies / the MC could be sacrificed to allow Shield of Justice, which is useful in certain boss battles. Makarakarn is great against Kunino-Sagiri but can be safely discarded afterwards.

User Info: terran3999999

3 years ago#5
Copy and pasted from an old topic.

I'll start with the simple ones first, and yes, I will debate them to death:

Wind Amp
Brave Blade
Youthful Wind
Evade Electricity

Power Charge
God's Hand
Apt Pupil
Dragon Hustle
Evade Fire
The other two is really up to you

Burning Petals
Fire Amp
Mind Charge
Evade Ice
Fire Break
Agidyne is good when you're facing against enemies with different affinities and Fire Break is kinda ok since she only excels at fire and can't really fall back on another element.

Power Charge
Primal Force
Evade Wind
The other two is also up to you

Despite how much I bash on Naoto, I do think he learns a lot of useful skills and having only eight slots do hurt him a lot. I also think the same thing with Teddie, its really your personal preference on which eight you should keep.

Ice Amp
Matarukaja, you can swap this out if you pair him with Kanji
Evade Electricity
and maybe Evade Physical

Bufudyne, its the only element he can really focus on
Mind Charge
Shield of Justice
Hama Boost
Mudo Boost
Angelic Grace
Invigorate 3
Some suggest keeping either just the Hama or Mudo skills which would allow for more space for other skills
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User Info: SNeIa

3 years ago#6
Hama / Mudo Boost aren't as attractive for Naoto in P4G as they were in P4. Hitting a light / dark weakness is nearly a guaranteed instant kill in this game, even without the boosts. Sure, she'll have a harder time mobs with normal resistances with those spells, but with every element at her disposal, she can potentially knock down all enemies by herself by chaining together 1-Mores. Sure, the protagonist can do this as well, but its convenient to have this already set up for Naoto (while you either have to have the appropriate persona(s) equipped or be able to switch to/between them for the protagonist).

User Info: Stelman257

3 years ago#7
Ah yes I forgot Angelic Grace for Naoto, that's definitely a great one! I'd definitely replace Invigorate 3 for it and then run with Shield, all 4 Dynes, Megi and Mind charge.
"We have choices. Some people like to stand in the rain without an umbrella. That's what it means to live free."
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