Just finished (may end up containing spoilers)

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User Info: l337_w4rr10r

5 years ago#1
I personally loved the game, the characters and the story. I'll be clearing the mini games now. What did you guys think of the game even in relation to the previous titles?

Obviously the game changed a lot from a gameplay point of view so no point in comparing them in that regard, but what about as story goes, characters, etc? I personally thought it held its own pretty well despite being short (finished it in about 3 hours or so, and i took my sweet time too). Looking forward to the next dfficulty game xD

What about Maya's costumes? what do you think of them? the gothic isn't too bad, though I liked her original one better
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User Info: wkad

5 years ago#2
Just, wow, no, I mean WOW! Just finished it and in my opinion, totally worth the the full price. The story is good, characters and everything else is also. I don't care if it is a short game. It is just so, wow. I'd totally recommend it.

Have not yet done the minigames, no costume, and all. Will try to clear them after this.

I an really hoping for a sequel.

P.s. I totally loved the ending!
P.p.s. That is a long post and I can't believe I used the 3ds browser.
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User Info: rublor

5 years ago#3
Got this game and am loving it so far. the new ideas and its inventivness make it worth the 25£ I paid for it by far.
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User Info: l337_w4rr10r

5 years ago#4
glad to see i'm not alone in this xD loved the ending as well. it was a nice way to end it, reminded me of a similar story from a game called Little Busters xD
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9pWqvrahfM / http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/816/gw042.jpg

User Info: Daiohma

5 years ago#5
Just finished the game, only done level one of the doll mini game which was fun.
I have played Prject zero 2-4, never played the first one, and I must say even if it was only 3 or so hours long it was a great game!

I'm now going to do the extra mode!
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  3. Just finished (may end up containing spoilers)

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