If you could choose colors...

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User Info: BuddhHA0991

5 years ago#11
Chie should have Sakura from SF colors, would be a close match.
walla walla

User Info: TheBlackBurado

5 years ago#12
TakashiX8 posted...
of an anime character to be a palette for your main persona character who would it be?

Asuna from Sword art online as a pallete for Labrys!

+1 for Asuna pallete for labrys

an Erza palette for labrys would be nice too

User Info: SmashStrike

5 years ago#13

Naoto = Meryl Strife
Yu = Spike Spiegal
Yukiko = C.C.
Kanji = Yusuke Urimeshi
Akihiko = Major Alex Armstrong
Aigis = Kallen Kozuki

That's about all I got.
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User Info: Tayo2345

5 years ago#14
Rin from Ao no Exorcist for Yu and his brother Yukio for Yosuke.

EDIT: Or Yukio for Naoto.

Yu: Rin Okumura
Yosuke/Naoto: Yukio Okumura
Elizabeth: Mephisto
Mitsuru: Shura
Chie/Aigis: Shiemi
Kanji: Ryuji Suguro

I really love this manga/anime in case you couldn't tell...
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User Info: Lord_Prosper

5 years ago#15
SuperLoco posted...


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