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User Info: dharksoul

4 years ago#1
I read it has 3 auto attacks. Anyone know what that means, or does?
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User Info: haku10

4 years ago#2
I have no idea what you mean by her 6B having three auto attacks, but she has a lot of different versions of her B moves so maybe thats what you mean. She has 4B, 5B, and 6B which control the momentum of her 5B. You can also do things like 6[4]B or 4[6]B to get varying distances on it. You can get a charged version of her B attacks by holding it down, and you can release whenever.

Also, her if you release her 2[B] 1 frame before being fully charged, she gets a just frame version that does 1k damage. Same with j.[B] but I think that version does 900 damage.

User Info: dharksoul

4 years ago#3

A variant of B, does 3 auto attacks, all have medium range. Moves her forward slightly, whiffs against crouching characters at max range.
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User Info: Haku_San

4 years ago#4
That link didnt even lead to the Mitsuru page. Or the persona opage for that matter.

That and I have no idea what that means. That page isn't even really that useful.

All I know is that her 6 B is the saaaaaaaaaame thing as 4 and 5 B except is moves her closer
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User Info: AchedSphinx

4 years ago#5
4B > 5B > 6B--they're all the same.

Each version can be partially or fully charged.

It is a single attack.

During the animation of the attack she avoids lows and grabs.

On counter hit it is a fatal.

Of all her normals it yields the most combo potential.

On full charge counter hit it crumples, in which case you can do 5B followed by another 5B.

It is also the normal that gives everyone nightmares.
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User Info: dharksoul

4 years ago#6
Oops sorry
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User Info: AchedSphinx

4 years ago#7
I think that's just a poorly translated wiki.
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User Info: ofnir6

4 years ago#8
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