Top 10 strongest one piece characters

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User Info: SSJ5Lubu

5 years ago#1
Who are the strongest current characters?


User Info: Littlejeffery

5 years ago#2
Garp and Sengoku are two different people. You have 11 characters listed in a top 10 list just to let you know.
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User Info: SSJ5Lubu

5 years ago#3
Littlejeffery posted...
Garp and Sengoku are two different people. You have 11 characters listed in a top 10 list just to let you know.

I know I just consider them equal. That's why they share the same spot.

User Info: HeartPirates

5 years ago#4
1. Gol D Roger
2. Edward Newgate
3. Monkey D Dragon
4. Red Haired Shanks
5. Rayleigh

Just how I view it. And yes, I'm aware half of these listed are unknowns in terms if power atm.

User Info: DisgaeaNoob

5 years ago#5
Quit Trolling.

1. Chopper before he ate the fruit
2. Chopper first form after he ate the fruit
3. Hachi
4. Barehanded Usopp
5. Luffy the day after he ate the fruit

User Info: RedShadowww

5 years ago#6
No, I'm pretty sure the admirals are way stronger than Luffy, even after the timeskip. But at least with the timeskip he could put up a fight now.

User Info: EichiroNobunaga

5 years ago#7
Luffy at number 5? Are you crazy?

Even with KNOWN characters, he probably doesn't rank.

1. Roger
2. Whitebeard
3-6. Mihawk / Shanks / Garp / Sengoku (I honestly can't really tell who'd win)

Besides those 6, I can't really place the rest. Akainu, Aokiji, Kizaru, Kong, Blackbeard, Big Mam, Kaidou, Z, Shiki, Marco, Doflamingo, Magellan, Jimbe, Boa Hancock, Ivankov, Kuma, Crocodile, Ace and Dragon are all up there.

And yes, I know PTS Luffy beat Shiki, and Luffy beat Crocodile, and all that. I know some of those guys listed above might be on the same level as Luffy (Ivankov, Jimbe, etc), but even still.

One Piece isn't really a straight-up power battle like DBZ, so making a list isn't really too easy.
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User Info: Ardus

5 years ago#8
I don't really consider Whitebeard and Mihawk current characters as neither of them seem to exist in the post-timeskip world.

1. Akainu
2. Aokiji
3. Blackbeard
4. Shanks
5. Rayleigh
6. Kizaru
7. Big Mom
8. Luffy
9. Zoro
10. Sanji
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User Info: AStrawhatPirate

5 years ago#9
Whitebeard and Gol D Roger are no longer around...

Post time skip I would go with

3)Sakazuki (Akainu)
3)Charlotte Linlin (Big Mom)
4)Marshall D Teach (Blackbeard)
8)Silvers Rayleigh
9)Borsalino (Kizaru)
10)Kazan (Aokiji)

Looking at the list posted prior to mine, its clear that I follow the show much more closely than most people...

EDIT: Im going to explain.

Shanks is currently the strongest or at least should be viewed in such a manner from the events that took place at Marineford. Think of it this way. Shanks is classified as a Yonko, the strongest characters in the series. So strong that the other two have only played a part from the shadows so far. The Red Hair Pirates alone ended the Battle at Marineford. Shanks arrival made Mihawk leave the fight, Shanks was easily strong enough to go toe to toe with Whitebeard, easily blocks attacks from Akainu's magma with his sword and was trained on Gol D Rogers ship.

Kaido is another Yonko with incredible power. Prior to the battle of Marineford, Kaido was on his way to kill Whitebeard and would have successfully done so before Whitebeard could even get to Marineford. Luckily for Whitebeard, Kaido was intercepted by Shanks and their battle was a draw with Kaido backing down.

Akainu is a monster. He fought several people at once during Marineford, withstood 2 attacks from Whitebeard pointblank, blocked Whitebeards weapon with his leg, killed Ace, damn near killed Luffy, beat up Aokiji, has very strong Haki and never shows ANY sign of being exhausted. Blackbeard (even after obtaining Whitebeards powers and getting a new crew) fled from him instantly. Its worth noting that Garp got upset with Akainu actions towards Ace and Luffy and was going to go attempt to kill him but was stopped by Sengoku. Would have been interesting to see...

It is safe to say that any character with the Yonko status is strong and feared. Big Mom being no exception as not only did she have powerful subordinates, her location has been known for a long time (unlike the ever moving Shanks, Kaido and Blackbeard) yet the marines have taken no action (or successful actions) in apprehending her.

Blackbeard is now one of the strongest in One Piece and pre time skip only Shanks knew. But now the world knows of his power and he commands several legendary pirates under him. I have a feeling that eventually Blackbeard is going to be #1 on this list soon.

Kong is the former Fleet Admiral and one of the strongest marines in history. Sengoku is a former fleet admiral (retired) and answered only to Kong. Garp is the only person in One Piece listed to ever corner Gol D Roger and he did it several times. Sengoku fought Shiki the Golden Lion on many occasions and Kong was Fleet Admiral during these times. These 3 men are the strongest and wisest when it comes to battle in the military. They are all very knowledgeable in the ways of Haki and Haki seems to be a thing that just gets stronger with age. Its also worth a note to know that when Sengoku recently resigned as Fleet Admiral he suggested that Kazan (Aokiji) replace him, but Akainu fought him for the position instead.

Silvers gets his spot because not only has he turned Luffy into a straight up beast, but he was the right hand man of the strongest pirate to live in One Piece, Gol D Roger. He is old but still in incredible shape.

User Info: AStrawhatPirate

5 years ago#10
Kizaru gets a spot over Aokiji simply due to age and wisdom. I honestly believe that Kizaru is capable of beating both Akainu and Blackbeard yet I have no evidence to support this. I just feel like in the future if I make a top 10 list again, he does have the potential to move up.

Aokiji is still one of the strongest even though he lost to Akainu and was sparred (meaning Akainu could have killed him) and still has an incredible feats of strength. The main one being the removal of Diamond Jozu's arm. If you want to know the significance of that, when Whitebeard first showed up to Marineford, Mihawk wanted to test his strength against Whitebeards and sent a powerful attack at Whitebeard. The attack was stopped short by one hand of one of Whitebeards first mates Diamond Jozu, showing the power difference between Mihawk and Whitebeards crew. Later Aokiji froze that arm and removed it.
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