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User Info: zferolie

5 years ago#11
^^^ I did not know that. I did notice he sometimes threw it far, but wasn't sure why.

divineshot posted...
zferolie posted...
Those are some good reviews. I admit, I didn't realize you can actually play as New world luffy in Musou. That is a very powerful character.

I didn't know about enguard form... or I forgot about it. I apologize. That does seem to make him a better.,

I wonder if I should have went with a 10 point system instead of 5... Oh well, one can translate to 10 points easily...

You can also hold his r1 or r2 (the one that attacks sleeping target) to continue attacking them without waking them up.

Ah, that does help make it better. Man, I wish the game itself was more descriptive.
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User Info: bearded_moose

5 years ago#12
i couldn't figure out how to do it for the longest time and then i accidentally figured it out as i set my controller down and nudged the right buttons.

Usopp>all btw

i'm an Usopp fanboy.
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User Info: bearded_moose

5 years ago#13
actually... why the hell didn't they work the "Usopp wagomu" in there somewhere?
-Every fanboy needs a troll to keep him disillusioned.
Hoagie727 is officially my favorite.

User Info: EichiroNobunaga

5 years ago#14
I won't do it as in-depth, but here we go:

Luffy: 7 (A lot of moves, fun to use)
Zoro: 8 (Great moves, a lot of fun)
Nami: 7 (Pretty fun, lots of detail in moveset in regards to different coins)
Ussopp: 6 (Good ranged character with melee options)
Sanji: 8 (Combo beast. 'Nuff said)
Chopper: 1 (No. Just no.)
Nico Robin: 6 (Great for crowd clearing. I don't know, I just don't like using her.)
Franky: 9 (I find Franky amazingly fun for some reason, even with the cola)
Brooke: 8 (Fun to use, but he's not very good without the music powerup)
Jinbe: 7 (Fun, but his base moveset is rather barren. I mostly just use Triangle-Triangle-Triangle)
Hancock: 6 (More attuned for 1v1, but it is fun using her Mero Mero beam)
Ace: 7 (Fun to use, I guess, but I don't know. Just like Robin, I'm not sure why, but I don't)

Whitebeard: 10 (It feels like you're using the Strongest Man in the World most of the time. Quake punch, Haki bursts, and some good-ole Bisento pwnage. Seriously, flipping the WORLD UPSIDE DOWN just completes him).
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User Info: damn_you_dario

5 years ago#15
Luffy - 8/10
He's very versatile and the amount of special meter he has is what makes him the best. Gum Gum Rifle/Elephant Gun is easily his most usefull special, followed by Gear 2nd. Because he has so much special meter he can store 4 Rifle/Elephant Guns to either decimate generals or take over an area in seconds.

Zoro - 7/10
Powerful moves that deal a lot of damage like Lion's Song which can be kept charged while you attack normally with Square and Triangle gives him a nice edge. Lion's Song takes out mobs in 1 hit and deals massive damage to generals, always having it charged should be 2nd nature with him.

Nami - 2/10 (Clima-tact) 7/10 (Perfect Clima-tact)
The main thing she needs to focus on is setting up those thunder clouds or reeling in mobs with Cyclone Tempo. Spam Square until you see the red and cool bubbles then press X to cancel your action and repeat. When you think you have enough clouds unleash it all with R1 for great effect.

Usopp - 7/10 (Slingshot) 7/10 (Slingshot Kabuto)
Regular slingshot has a better edge at Square spamming in my opinion because I think that Cactus Star is a lot better than what Slingshot Kabuto has as a finisher. On the other hand the Triangle attack finisher with Kabuto is much much better than regular Slingshot. Firebird Star goes on for quite a while and it hits multiple times while dragging opponents away from you giving you more breathing space.

Sanji - 9/10
Chaining combos is very liberal with him thanks to R1 which bounces your foes like basketball. Coupled with the proper coins that increases airborne foe damage and he is a force to be reckoned with. As a bonus because of the spammability of R1 it makes it hard to catch him so he rarely gets damaged by enemies, not to mention R1 also tracks opponents if done in a combo.

Chopper - 2/10
Only useful while in Monster Point in my opinion, aside from that is absolutely awful

Nico Robin - 5/10
Good against crowds but that's really it, your only real weapon against generals is her lvl 2 Special. All in all a decent character with nothing amazing going on.

Franky - 6/10
Franky is great for 1 vs 1 scenarios, his Ultimate Hammer deals tons of damage and so does his normals.

Brook - 8/10
Fast attacker and his lvl 1 special is very damaging, also the only special you should use in my opinion as I find his lvl 2 to be useless. He does well in crowd clearing or against generals, especially against annoying enemies like Kizaru who likes to move around a lot, Brook can poke and dodge before Kizaru counters.

Jinbe - 0/10
Did not enjoy him at all, heck I enjoyed Chopper more.

Boa Hancock - 10/10
Slave Arrow is the best thing ever, it petrifies enemies making them helpless, making even a lvl 10 or under Hancock vs a Hard Mode Kizaru scenario a breeze. Cancel your normals before going into a finisher to make sure you do not break the petrification making the effect lasts as long as possible. Triangle Spamming is what you should do for crowd clearing coupled with Slave Arrow. Anyway Slave Arrow is her best asset, especially online where lag can make it so that generals are harder than what they are meant to be.

Ace - 9/10
Amazing crowd clearer thanks to Triangle Triangle Square which stays in place for a long time. He can take over fields in seconds, it's also an amazing tool against generals that likes to move a lot like Aokiji or Kizaru. His moves are also highly damaging and stun inducing if you delay the button press and let it charge.

Whitebeard - 9/10
His lvl 2 special is the best special in the game, it can take over maps in 1 shot and also damages for a great amount to generals. His normals also covers a huge area making it great for crowd clearing. However he is slow in both attacking and running/walking which keeps him from getting a perfect score from me. Unlike Hancock, Whitebeard needs to be properly lvled to take on some generals.
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