Another sequel?

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User Info: GabrielX-X

5 years ago#1

does it have story mode? Or its only multiplayer DLC.

User Info: Captain_Sexy_T

5 years ago#2
From the Red Dead Wiki:

The Myths and Mavericks bonus pack is a piece of free downloadable content for Red Dead Redemption that was released on September 13th, 2011 via Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network. The DLC requires the installation of Title Update 1.07.

The DLC includes new multiplayer characters and new multiplayer locations, as detailed in the sections below. There are no new Trophies/Achievements, Multiplayer Challenges, or Titles associated with this DLC, but stats accumulated within the new map locations do count towards existing challenges.

Multiplayer Characters
Drew MacFarlane
Javier Escuella
Landon Ricketts
Vincente de Santa

Multiplayer Locations
New competitive map locations for Shootout, Grab the Bag, Gang Shootout, Gold Rush, Hold Your Own, and Stronghold:
New locations, never featured in competitive multiplayer maps before:
Beecher's Hope (Stronghold)
Benedict Point (Hold Your Own, Grab the Bag)
Cochinay (Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout, Stronghold)
El Presidio (Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout)
Gaptooth Breach (Shootout, Gang Shootout)
Nekoti Rock (Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout)
Perdido (Hold Your Own, Grab the Bag)
Pike's Basin (Shootout, Gang Shootout)
Plainview (Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout)
Torquemada (Stronghold)

New modes added to existing multiplayer maps:
Armadillo (Stronghold)
Chuparosa (Stronghold)
Rio Bravo (Shootout, Gang Shootout)
Tumbleweed (Stronghold)

Note: Rio Bravo has already been used in Shootout and Gang Shootout maps, but required the Legends and Killers DLC. With Myths and Mavericks, the maps are now available even to players without Legends and Killers. The loadouts and game conditions are different than in the Legends and Killers Rio Bravo maps.

No other DLC is required to play on Myths and Mavericks game modes. Therefore, a player without the Liars and Cheats DLC pack can still play Myths and Mavericks Stronghold.

The game maps added my Myths and Mavericks include two features not present in any of the maps released before:

Dangerous animals: bears, boars, and cougars appear on certain maps in FFA, Gang matches, and Stronghold and will attack players during the match. Previously there was no risk of animal attack during these game modes.

Standoff/Showdown weapon variety: Previously, only Revolvers and Pistols were used in the standoff/showdown that starts a match. On certain Myths and Mavericks maps, Shotguns or the Tomahawk are used.

No, no new story mode/single player stuff. Just multiplayer.
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