Stuck on the Daeva Statue

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User Info: krazymed

5 years ago#1
I'm at level 31, the statue shoots these tracking orbs that I can't shake. I have to move around for a while before they disappear, but they leave me no window to attack the statue. My AI help usually does the work...until the statue turns to her and kills her utterly. Then I'm screwed. Each orb hit does half damage (that includes if you block it), and she usually sends out about 5 of them.

I figure there's someway to counter the orbs, once that's figured out, I'm sure the fight's much easier. But that's why I'm here, cause I have no idea. Arrrgggh!

User Info: krazymed

5 years ago#2
Never mind, just figured it out. Turns you CAN block the orbs. Once I did, fight was easy.

User Info: Tanthalas

5 years ago#3
She usually sends out 5 of them?

I was playing on normal but I only noticed the statue shooting one, but I also killed it very fast with an overpowered Katarina. I know that I usually mess up with those tracking attacks.
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User Info: krazymed

5 years ago#4
The first time I faced it, I was trying to avoid them. The statue will just keep firing orbs one at a time until there are 5 on the screen.

Gets tricker later on, as they move faster than you when the statue loses 1/3 health, and it fires 2-3 orbs at a time. But the key to the whole thing is blocking.

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