Will this be a launch title in the USA?

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  3. Will this be a launch title in the USA?

User Info: Jake Johnson

Jake Johnson
5 years ago#1
Because this game will definitely affect my timing for purchasing a Wii U - I am a definite fan of the Dragon Quest series (O.K. - I played the first three under the American name of Dragon Warrior), and I definitely like the looks of the game.

Especially if there are more sub-quests, such as DQ VIII's Mini-Medal hunt and Monster Arena.
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User Info: ignasia7

5 years ago#2
Nobody knows, and there isn't even enough data to speculate and come up with any reasonable answer. Doesn't mean someone couldn't come up with a yes and be correct, or a no and be correct, just that at this point, it would be based on nothing.
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User Info: King_of_Kingz85

5 years ago#3
Most likely not as much as I would LOVE to see it I just can't see the Wii U having the critical mass to keep it up and running I would rather see it maybe at next year's E3 after people have had a chance to buy the system and settle into it and maybe cut the price of the Wii U to undercut the PS4/720 debut....

Speaking solely from a business stand point.
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User Info: Redfield_67

5 years ago#5
Good old ignasia7 and his unsourced "facts".

User Info: PedroMontana

5 years ago#6
I bet the western release will be in the second half of 2013.

If Nintendo will be the publisher, they'll be busy enough with NSMBU, Pikmin 3, Ninja Gaiden 3 RB, Game & Wario, Project P-100 and the system itself during the launch window.
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User Info: PedroMontana

5 years ago#8
The PS470 isn't relevant to this topic at all.

The Wii U will quickly build a healthy installed user base because because the launch lineup is well rounded and contains a massive system seller (NSMBU).
Dragon Quest is not popular enough in the west to make Nintendo hold it back to have some ace to counter any PS470 news.
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User Info: R2BDSi

5 years ago#9
At 34:58 on the video is that the Wii U version or the Wii version? Because there is no way the Wii U can handle that. It looks way to beautiful.

User Info: R2BDSi

5 years ago#10
ignasia7 posted...
Sony and MS are far too entrenched in their systems to move forward to something new. MS is releasing new major features, and just expanded the capabilities of the 360 by a good measure. Not exactly a sign they're ready to move on.

Sony is in a major bind as well. The PS3's price is down, but there is no indication they're profiting off any sale, unlike MS, which only started profiting off 360 sales about two years ago. Sony has had to borrow money from Japan's central banks to maintain the company, and thus far haven't been able to make much of a dent in the 12+billion they borrowed. 8 billion was already owed when they borrowed another 4 JUST to produce the PS3. So they require permission from their creditors before a new system can be made. Not to mention the joke that is the "cell" as it was already defunct the moment it was created, and so far has had limited to no financial support outside the company. Intel having outdone Sony by a longshot with a processor containing over 50 individual core processors functioning as a single unit, and a few years later, one that fit 70 on board. Blueray took off though, but it isn't like the medium is pulling in enough cash along with PS3 games sales to really make up for their defunct electronics section. Movies are so-so, and Music is still strong, but they're hardly the largest record label.

So I don't see a PS4 anytime soon. MS could if they wanted, and Sony is desperate for a PS4 given the PS3 is wide open to any hacker. The Vita release on the heels of the PSP, which was increasing in popularity (not a typical business move), indicates they likely made the choice because of the widespread use of CFW, and probably pushed the release after the PSP was 100% cracked and it's keys laid bare for any hacker to completely take over a system no matter what Sony could install. Only thing they could do is brick systems, and that would be even worse for business at this point. Good decision when pirating is still small, but bad at this point when it could be as high as 1/4 of PSP users, especially if users can prove they have purchased legit copies. The main deal is just bad press as it reveals to the world just how bad the pirating scene is and how poorly Sony handled and contained it.

PS3 doesn't even need jawbreaker anymore, and that alone was damaging given the controls it allowed for. Now you can install, change, do anything to Sony's system with impunity. So if they're desperate for a new system. Can't change the keys as they're hardcoded into the CPU, and any new version with new keys would still have the old keys hardcoded into the CPU. So they're likely indecisive on how to handle it without completely cutting off the PS3 crowd. An emulator might work, but the system would need to be powerful enough to run a full cpu emulation without issues like frame skipping, and completely mimic the cell processor (look at how long it's taken anyone to get semi-accurate emulation of the Saturn, which used an old Cisc and a Risc co-processors). Making a system that powerful and getting emulation that accurate will require some SERIOUS power, and they can ill afford another price war debacle of such high front-end costs to the end-user. That's what slowed down their initial sales, and why the Wii was able to easily take first.

So uh...ya, PS4, probably not going to see for awhile.

I see ownage in this comment!
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