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User Info: TonymanX

5 years ago#1
I'm really excited for this game, but March is just too far away. Are any of the PSP MH's worth buying until then? How are the controls? Only MH I've played extensively is Tri, and I love it, but there's not much for me to do now.

User Info: Mad_Merik

5 years ago#2
There are two I can recommend, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (Japanese import). Unite has more content and will take you longer to finish. Portable 3rd has a lot of issues fixed, like monster hitboxes but is widely considered to be much easier, there is also the issue of it only being in Japanese, but as you've played Tri you shouldn't have too many problems. If you can, I would recommend getting both, start with Unite then move to P3rd.
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User Info: CrmsnFatalis96

5 years ago#3
I would recommend Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and I would recommend against Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

Almost all of the content in MHP3rd is going to be in MH3U, so a lot of the "new" content in this game will be "old" before you even get to play it. The monsters that are in MHP3rd that are not in MH3U are already in MHFU (with the exception of one monster and one sub-species), so in the end MHFU is definitely the better game to purchase (and then you should definitely get MH3U when it comes out).

User Info: Akagehisa

5 years ago#4
Yeah I recomend you MHFU, if you are totally new to the series, get ready for some major ass whooping from all the monsters, especially tigrrrrex.

But if you manage to survive the nightmare and difficulty, and get the hang of the controls and your hunting tools, you'll be pretty much kicking asses in MH3U since 3 is easier than 2 and its controls are improved in every way.

Use a long sword 1st, it is very noob friendly and deals good amounts of damage, make that electricity katana every one used,, the devil slicer,, you'll be pwning everything with that weapon.

User Info: rayneotacon

5 years ago#5
As someone who played Tri first, then went on to MHFU, I actually recommend against it. First off, just look at the title. FU. And this game has that attitude in full force. Sure it has more "content", but it's mostly terrible. The weapons you haven't seen yet, the several dozen monsters that you haven't fought yet, it's mostly terrible. While there is more to do, there is much less to enjoy. I agree completely with GobulHysteria's review, so read that if you wish my view to be explained more thoroughly.

User Info: Akagehisa

5 years ago#6
Oh,, didn't read that you have played tri,,, well, its never too late to try the real challenge,, you have the skills now, put them on practice with monsters that actually hurt you.

I assure you,, if you start kicking asses in FU you'll still be playing this game when 3U comes out.

User Info: t3hNub

5 years ago#7
The problem with arguing that MHFU "has more content" is that so much of it is wrapped up in palette-swapping practices that would have made the 8-bit era embarrassed. As much as I love the game and appreciate the visual and mechanical options that extra sets of weapons/armor provide, you will never convince me that Rathalos and Rathian equal 6 unique monster species.

Just off the top of my head, Unite employs copypasta on the aforementioned Rathalos and Rathian (2 subs each), Plesioth, Diablos (arguable double sub), Teostra, Fatalis (twice), Lao Shan, Yian Kut Ku (2 subs if you consider Hypnoc), Gypceros, "____-prey" Dromes (effectively 3 subs of a base monster), Gravios (possibly 2 subs because lolBasarios), Khezu, and Akantor.

This takes the much-celebrated "content" down a few pegs when you realize that the game really has about 21 fewer boss monsters than it wants you to believe.

Edit: forgot Blangonga, Congalala, Shogun Cean, and Daimyo Herm subspecies. At least 25 blatantly copied monsters.

That all said...

Freedom Unite has more "content" and is more challenging; some legit, some from older and flawed mechanics.

Portable 3rd feels a lot like Tri, but with the missing weapons from Unite and some of the older generation monsters alongside some new ones, although how "new" the subspecies of Narga, Tigrex, Barroth, Barioth, and Gigginox are is debatable like the palette-swapping in Unite.

Point is, if you want a "new" experience, get Unite. If you want a new experience a little closer to what you know, get P3rd. Or just get both, up to you.
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User Info: TonymanX

5 years ago#8
Freedom Unite arrives tomorrow. Pretty excited to have a MH on the go. Thank you all for all the responses. I'm just a bit worried about playing solo. I did every quest in Tri, but it would seem that's nothing to brag about when compared to FU. Wish me luck.

User Info: PeterJRod

5 years ago#9
Like you, I played Tri before playing MHFU. There's a steep learning curve when it comes to MHFU, but like any MH game, once you get used to the mechanics and monster patterns, you'll be fine. I actually had more fun playing MHFU than Tri, despite the fact that I wanted to throw my PSP at the wall a hundred times.

I promise you though, once you've finished all the G Rank and Training Quests in MHFU, you'll be a much better hunter when you return to Tri or when you start playing MH3U.

User Info: DLOArceus

5 years ago#10
t3hNub posted...
although how "new" the subspecies of Narga, Tigrex, Barroth, Barioth, and Gigginox are is debatable like the palette-swapping in Unite.

Except Copper Blangonga and the Fatalis, FU's subs were just palette swaps with one or two new moves, and they were all in the same places.
At least these change place and element. Narga is arguable though.
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