Digital or physical copy?

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User Info: Allthingsanime

4 years ago#1
I noticed that this game is being released for download in all regions on the Nintendo eShop, so this led to the question of whether the game would run faster/smoother as a digital copy or from a cartridge because I remember that on the PSP having a digital copy of MHFU generally resulted in better load times than having a physical UMD. What do you guys think?

User Info: klim28

4 years ago#2
UMD is a thing of the past. Horrible loading times.

I guess it will be the same. I have MK7, NSMB2, HM ANB in digital and physical and they have the same loading times.
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User Info: SL68

4 years ago#3
I'll get a physical copy of both since I really love to have them in my shelf collection. :-)

That plus the fact that I think some retailers where I live will have some pre-order extras which won't be available for download.

User Info: Jackalfox

4 years ago#4
Since the 3DS uses cartridges for its games, there really isn't a difference in loading times between physical and digital loading times. It's just a matter of preference.
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User Info: dancer62

4 years ago#5
Digital = zero collector value, no box art, no manual.
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