The demo sucks. Does the game suck too?

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User Info: littlecletus

4 years ago#11
MrAntike184 posted...
The people here are worse than the people on the PS4 board? interesting.

lol....looks that way, doesn't it?
The boards here at GF are getting progresively worse and worse.
And with each new game I pick up, its slides even further.

I mean your topic title is kind of trollish....I don't know what kind of reaction you were expecting posting that here a month before the game is released when only hardcore MH fans are around.

But yeah, judging by alot of the posts I have seen here....this board will suck just as bad as any other GF board.
The good thing is, even though there will be alot of emo posts from people getting all moist, you will most likely always be able to find an answer to our questions.

So, the game does not suck. Try it a few more time and see if you still feel the same way. If you do, then it would probably be best for you to skip it.
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User Info: MoxRavager

4 years ago#12
The game takes a while to learn. People aren't saying you are an eternally sucky player, just that you suck because you just started.

Honestly they should have had Great Jaggi as the demo monster, I can imagine there's a lot of new players being creamed by the "easy mode".
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User Info: Mikeru07

4 years ago#13
This game is suppose to be difficult for people new to the game. You're new to this series, so you're bad. It's the truth. Learn how to play the game if you're really interested in this series. Look up some videos.

My tip for you would be to attack the monster right after it's finished an attack, when it is facing away from you. You'll have a few seconds to hit it, then roll away from it. Rinse and repeat. Don't expect to get full combos off on a monster when it's not tired or trapped.

User Info: Rogkun

4 years ago#14
Wow guys, way to alienate a potential player to the series. God forbid the newbie has an opinion that relates to his personal experience. Maybe if we gave better advice instead of shutting him down he might get better and actually support the franchise? Either way it doesn't make the community look good to be so harsh.

The game will "suck" for you in the beginning, with practice, it can get better. It's a well-designed game that is made to be challenging to new players. It has a steeper learning curve than what most players will admit to. I would suggest getting to know each weapon, and be sure to examine your tools (check out that big blue box in the beginning for extra goodies) and just stick with it.

Either way, the fun in this game comes from satisfaction of slaying something against all odds. It's a very different kind of fun, but it might be something you'd be interested in.
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User Info: DrSteelecleaver

4 years ago#15
I come into your house and find your couch slightly uncomfortable because it is different than what I have at home.

"This couch sucks. Does your whole house suck? You must suck too."

You would be ever so kind to me, right?
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User Info: Rogkun

4 years ago#16
Let's take an inch, and walk several miles.
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User Info: Zignoff

4 years ago#17
The demo is a very poor representation of the game, and not the best way to entice people to the series, they should have allowed you to make a character, have access to the main hub and the main zone with free hunt stage and allowed you to transfer that character to the main game.
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User Info: pingomalik

4 years ago#18
The game series is hard for new comers.

Just practice and you will figure it out, this is not a button mashing game.
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User Info: NeptuNe2XL

4 years ago#19
For a more serious answer don't let the demo turn you off to the actual game. I feel like the demo really isn't meant for newcomers to the MH series but made more for those that have played the previous games. In the full game, MH gradually introduces various game elements and difficulty to you. Playing the tutorial missions (I'm not sure if this will have them?) and quest in order (all 1star then move up to 2 star etc.) will naturally build your skill level up as you progress in the game.

The demo kinda just throws you straight into a boss fight, those that have played a Monster Hunter before will find it easy, those that are new will possibly hit a brick wall and may be put off by its difficulty. What the demo and most online videos don't show is all the prep done before you even get to a boss hunt. Not to say the full game will be easy, far from it, but the difficulty in most cases is more gradual increasing with each mission than a full on bam this brick wall is too hard for me to overcome.
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User Info: AkoaysiGOD

4 years ago#20
This topic sucks. Does the person suck too?
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