Which weapon?

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User Info: tmamh

4 years ago#1
I have played all of the monster hunters, and i want to use the sword and shield, but apparently it is considered the noob weapon. I am trying to pick a weapon thats challenging to use for the whole game, dont want the lance, cuz i dont like pokes. dont want the hammer or greatsword, too common. Which weapon should i use?

User Info: t3hNub

4 years ago#2
Switch Axe. Provided you don't spend 99% of the fight exclusively in Sword Mode (might as well just play GS then) it's much more varied then many other weapons while having great reach (both forward and especially vertical) plus satisfying damage.

Barring that, Hunting Horn because it doesn't suck ass anymore and it's great fun.
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User Info: xxXMadMitchXxx

4 years ago#3
sword and shield is usually only considered the "noob weapon" by noobs. it is actually very good and versatile. playing the switch axe in only sword mode is not at all like playing great sword, in my opinion. it has much quicker attacks, and is combo based, unlike the great sword.

User Info: Mean_Beanie

4 years ago#4
I would say the Bow. It's a very tactical weapon (well, at least until you get the awakened Kelbi Bow, hohoho).

User Info: gnerdus

4 years ago#5
SnS is considered the newb weapon, not the noob weapon. If you're skilled enough you should be able to solo every quest with a SnS.

User Info: BassMasta6669

4 years ago#6
gnerdus posted...
SnS is considered the newb weapon, not the noob weapon. If you're skilled enough you should be able to solo every quest with a SnS.

I'm one of them, every monster hunter game,(well since unite, made it through HR8 and timed out on yama, couldnt do it.) most of my weapon uses are sns. I also ALWAYS have my second file be a run through with SnS only. Its good fun.
SnS does 200+ damage each hit and hits 10x faster than GS so it's better. Gawd. - Pirate_Sedition

User Info: AntiReligionist

4 years ago#7
Nothing wrong with SnS, just use it.
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