Where to get light crystals easy

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User Info: JakTheLosKiller

4 years ago#1
Where can I? I need some. I have all low rank online quests unlocked and the first star rank online. I never seem to get any in tundra because I feel like there is only one node that give light crystal

User Info: Super_Chelsea

4 years ago#2
What node did you find them in? I'm actually trying to get lightcrystals too but haven't found one yet.

There's a HR4 mission that gives you lightcrystals as a reward, or so I've heard, but I'm not high enough rank to do it myself.

User Info: OblivionTy7

4 years ago#3
you're looking in the right place, they're just rare. IIRC Tundra Area 7 is where ya need to be looking
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User Info: G_Fan_123

4 years ago#4
I was doing the bloodstone gathering quest in the tundra, which requires mining anyways, to find.light crystal, there is the possibility to get more light crystal in the quest rewards. Just be aware of the fact that Gigginox can appear in that quest
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