Monster fluids

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User Info: PKMNTrainer

4 years ago#1
where do i get monster fluids? please and thanx
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User Info: Kirby7506

4 years ago#2
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User Info: Raganork

4 years ago#3
2* village
The one where you have to kill 12 Altaroth (ant-like insects). Throw poison smoke bombs at them and carve 'em up, and get them as a quest reward.

User Info: PKMNTrainer

4 years ago#4
FC: 4342-0290-8278
Name: Mikey

User Info: ferofax

4 years ago#5
Stroke real gently.


Seriously though, poison is your best friend when it comes to any insect materials/drops. Preferably the weakest weapon you can find that deals Poison, or mix up some Poison Smoke Bombs.
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User Info: mattfrank

4 years ago#6
Find an Giginox egg and kill every of the Gigis it spawns.

User Info: arteroot

4 years ago#7
Harvesting Tour: Tundra
Kill Giggi - Carve Monster Fluid.

I wasn't even farming that specific item there, but ended up with 5 fluids in one go.
So take a few pickaxes and bugnets with you, farm all the spots and kill some Giggi's.

Works like a charm :)
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User Info: MetalGeAR9463

4 years ago#8
I also easily find them from killing and carving those worm things in the Tundra and also Moga Forest in area 4. I get about 3-4 every Moga Forest run. Those worms seems to spawn infinitely.
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