Frost Sac

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User Info: DarkPit3P2

4 years ago#1
Nono/Nowi's my Waifu in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Why no let me 80 char link Gamefaqs?

User Info: Zerekriel

4 years ago#2
Shine on, embrace and deny me. Turn on, Wheel of Time.
Shine on, you've burnt me, now guide me. Weave on, Wheel of Time.

User Info: Jinn_908

4 years ago#3
Many thanks the frozen spear tuna is now mine!
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User Info: MioSakai

4 years ago#4
Where did you get the speartuna?

User Info: TheChap656

4 years ago#5
I would also like to know where to obtain the fish.
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User Info: MioSakai

4 years ago#6
Never mind i found one. You can fish them out at D. Isle Harvest Tour, its at the fishing spot at 10. Just keep a look out for a big fish(noticeably big) and fish that one
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