The Fearsome Maw

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User Info: Barkit

4 years ago#1
No matter what I do, I can't seem to get Gigginox to drop it. I'm not sure if I'm attacking the right spots to make it drop but I know a couple times I could have sworn I did all but cut off his tail and he still never dropped it.

Anyone have any tips or advice? I'm getting really tired of farming this guy but I really want the Bloodwings+

User Info: Kirby7506

4 years ago#2
The first fearsome maw I got was from his subspecies (the baleful giggi or w.e its called). Just broke its middle and picked it up as a shiny drop.

Just gotta have luck.
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User Info: Silverwyrm

4 years ago#3
reward for breaking face/body wiki says 12%
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User Info: Barkit

4 years ago#4

User Info: Kromlech06

4 years ago#5
Break all three parts in the same run and you have a good chance as well.

Not sure if capping vs. killing changes your chances at all, and of course the shiny drop from breaking the underbelly has like a 2% chance of being a fearsome maw.

User Info: Barkit

4 years ago#6
Hmm, maybe I should move on and try to get it from another monster then?

User Info: JoJoX200

4 years ago#7
Fearsome maw is a Gigginox and Gigginox Sub only item afaik. According to the guide, capturing gives an 8% chance btw.

User Info: OmniImmortal

4 years ago#8
Fearsome maw also has a chance to be in quest rewards at high rank and above.

User Info: LorenaLarue

4 years ago#9
I got the fearsome maw by killing a low rank Gigginox in the moga village quest. Broke everything, head + body + buttocks.

Got it in the quest rewards.

User Info: _Green_Knight_

4 years ago#10
You're carving the wrong end.

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