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User Info: Droxyy

4 years ago#1
What's going on everyone. This is my first Monster Hunter game I've played so far so I'm fairly new to this but, I need any recommendations on doing HR6 urgent quest "Sticky Situation" I find myself struggling. I know the Brachydios is weakest to water but I feel like the dual blades Holy Sabers+ I use. I feel like it's too weak but I like the speed it has. And then I try using the Rime and Treason and I don't like the attack speed is too slow. I want to try using a lance with auto guard but I feel like that wouldn't work. but I just want any recommendations/ strategies. Thanks

User Info: Sirius140

4 years ago#2
Upgrade your sabers or get Billzarioths and bring honey to make mega potions, dung bombs, and a farcaster for good measure.

User Info: lambchips

4 years ago#3
this was one of my hardest quest when i first did it... took about 45 mins
capture them if you can (especially the first one) so you dont have to waste 5mins running around killing it then carving it
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User Info: Droxyy

4 years ago#4
I have no trouble killing the first one I just run out of potions and mega potions for the second one and by then I usually have at least one death. I'm going to bring everything I need to make more potions and mega potions but I feel like that would be a waste of inventory slots. also do you guys use might seeds or adamant seeds at all?

User Info: blazerMFT

4 years ago#5
I find this quest ok using a GS, if you are ok with that. I am currently farming this quest for...a certain item.

I have gone from 25 - 30 mins to about sub 20 - 25. Using a GS called Blade of Tartarus and the Goldbeard set (Z with X waist) to get purple sharpness on the GS.

Strategy, unsheathe attacks on the leg when he is raged, and unsheathe attacks as well when he is not in rage, focusing on the legs (to trip and take tail off), then the face when the tail is off.

The only way to shorten time is to be aggressive I find, and when soloing, I find the extra damage done by the Shakalakas to be a good source as well. I set them up with Artillery Mask and Lamp/Rathalos Mask. Speed sharpening and Focus definitely helps, less down time, more DPS.

Focus on one. Paint the other one first so you know where it is, usually I start with the one in the middle of the map, capture it, then kill the other so I get equal chances with rewards/carves.

I am not sure about Dual Swords though. >_> I just don't really get using them and need to learn more about them so I hope this helps.
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