If you could befriend one monster from the series and have it fight for you...

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  3. If you could befriend one monster from the series and have it fight for you...

User Info: Ippongi_Ryuta

4 years ago#1
Which monster would it be and why?

Silver Rathalos, becuase dragons are awesome, and I like the colour silver. =D
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User Info: Sirius140

4 years ago#2
Regular Rathalos

User Info: Repinkrad

4 years ago#3

I always wanted a Super Saiyan as a friend.

User Info: bom12826

4 years ago#4
thing of the Lance charge while riding them
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User Info: ZangetsuX20A

4 years ago#5
"Captain! There's a giant whale out there!"

Anyway, awesome cruises anywhere, command the seas (I hope some part of his insides has plenty of oxygen and room.)

User Info: hereforemnant

4 years ago#6

Because i've always wanted to control the weather.
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User Info: GeckoZGuy

4 years ago#7
Zinogre, because a wolf that fights like he's in MMA and is electric is awesome. Also maybe then he'd give me a Jasper ;-;

User Info: steepcircle

4 years ago#8
Great Baggi, I wouldn't exactly want him to fight for me, but, anytime I have trouble sleeping I could just have him spit on me a couple times.
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User Info: Giezus

4 years ago#9
Khezu (very small one)

Ever since doing the "Hunt 2 Mini Khezu" in Unite I've always wanted to just jump on it's back and ride it into battle. Plus it's higher pitched scream destroyed every possible thought I had of "Can Khezu get any more annoying?" ^_^
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User Info: Kazagin_

4 years ago#10
Qurupeco. I used to feel no remorse killing any other monsters, but damn it all if I don't feel awful killing Peco.
Like most of the monsters pose some sort of threat, even Great Jaggi is very threatening towards the villagers, but Qurupeco is just so innocent.
I mean like most monsters would eat a person, but Peco just chills and eats fish.

He's just so graceful and majestic, Pecoing around and making music, he'd make a great monsterbro.
I would totally train him to play songs and open wide for a fish like a seal. If I had a G-Rank one I could totally even ride him around. (Seriously, I've fought some massive Pecos in G-Rank.)
I could teach him to sing his sleepy song whenever I go to bed, I could wake up to one of his buff songs, and if people **** with us, I'd have him do a Deviljho roar.

You guys have fun with your monsters that would eat you, I'll have fun with my awesome giant bird. Peco and I would totally have a blast chilling by the river, eating fresh fish. (Though I'd definitely make use of his flints and flammable gunk to light a sweet campfire and roast the fish.)

Seriously, Peco would be like the coolest monsterbro ever.
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  3. If you could befriend one monster from the series and have it fight for you...

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