High rank Bnahabra farming

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User Info: Jaricko

4 years ago#1
Farming Bnahabra parts mostly for my bows and I was curious. Does anyone know a good quest to take up to farm them? So far im kinda just free hunting and going into the cave over and over again and killing the 3 that are in there. Anyone know of a better one? Outside of maybe waiting for a night swarm of them.

User Info: heavyacademic

4 years ago#2
Perhaps the Flooded Forest? That always seems to have a lot especially in area 10.

User Info: Dunceney

4 years ago#3
I usually went to free hunt when there's a Bnahabra Outbreak, but that's pretty unreliable :v

The guy above suggest Flooded Forest but I dunno which quest, since in Harvest Tour and some quests I only found some Bullfangos or Wroggis in Area 10.

If you already unlocked HR Volcano you can hunt Bnahabra while gathering charms too (They're in Area 6 and 7 IIRC)

User Info: Hoothoots

4 years ago#4
In flooded forest harvest tour, there is always a bnahabra in area one on the ledge to the blue watery area (forget the number) and the area which leads to the area where wroggi sleeps (also forget the number); if you carry 10 poison bombs and materials to make more, you can run between those two areas and just alternate poison bomb those two. It's the quickest way I've found doing it in HR.
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