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User Info: The_Kiriyama

4 years ago#1
So i'm getting my 3DS XL (at last) on thursday, really looking forward to that, also getting MH3U. I've read the charm table list, and I have a few questions including on that -

First, with charm tables, I can see 10 seems to be, more or less the best for melee. That is ideal for me, but the time seemed a bit confusing, I know i'll have to set the 3DS time to a specific time but if anyone can actually tell me the time in this topic, because I read the topic itself, on this board, and it confused me a little bit with the extra numbers everywhere.

Second, is there any particularly good sets to start with? In terms of weapons, armour, etc.

Any general tips would be really appreciated, last time I played MH it was like years and years ago on the PSP, and I remember very little of it, apart from occasionally s***ing my pants now and then from the bosses and eating giant steaks. lol

What is the availability of quests like for this game? I remember on the PSP title, you could only do so many missions before the rest were unavailable unless you had online, which I didnt at the time. So can you do everything offline?

Lastly, unless I think of anything else, I was told you can download more quests for the game - is this worth doing? And if so, should I download all the quests straight away for while i'm playing or just some of them or what?

Sorry for all the questions folks, just really excited and want to be reasonably prepared when I get this on thursday, looking forward to joining you folks! :3
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User Info: SNIvory

4 years ago#2
Don't know about charm tables. I'm in table 8. As long as I'm not in a cursed table, its all good.

Jaggi is good for Low Rank. It's the equivalent of Velocidrome. It carried me up to High Rank.

You can do everything offline if you want. It's hard, but certainly doable.

DLC for this game is not DLC in the traditional sense. You actually download a "code" which unlocks the event quest in Tanzia. Just download every DLC. It's all free. You don't have a time limit to finish them or anything, so yeah, just download them. A new DLC comes out every Tuesday, I think.

User Info: sethyboy0

4 years ago#3
DLC is all free so you can get it right away. Most of the DLC quests can't be done until high rank or G rank in the port so you won't be able to do them right away but it's not a big deal. Once you unlock them you can do them whenever.

All quests can be done offline but the port is designed for online so the monsters are scaled up accordingly. You can't even take the 3DS online though, it's only local.

Qurupeco is a good set to start with for a few weapons because it gives evasion + 1. I personally found Wroggi armor helpful because I had a weapon with not much green sharpness and Wroggi gives razor sharp. Nagging armor also does the job well enough if you don't want the other two. Avoid low rank Rathian armor, it takes a plate to make it and the stars aren't worth the effort.

For weapons just use whatever the best thing you can make is for your preferred weapon type, unless it'll be a huge pain to make for little gain.

Don't really know what to say for general advice. Try to avoid selling things, since you may need them later.

Also, give your shakalaka helpers defensive bonus or quick recovery skills. They hardly do any damage and can't inflict status without your help, but do a decent job of tanking. You can also put them on a status if you're using the same one and it should help inflict it faster.

User Info: heavyacademic

4 years ago#4
The_Kiriyama posted...
First, with charm tables

People existed perfectly happily without knowing which charm table they were on until all this fuss started. It is perfectly possible to complete the game whichever table you land on when you start your game. I think you will have lots other more important things to worry about than the PITA that is rigging your charm table.

Second, is there any particularly good sets to start with? In terms of weapons, armour, etc.

You have an example of each weapon type at the start of the game. Try them out and choose which one suits you. Then you can check the FAQs posted here for your convenience to see how to upgrade them and which armor sets and skills are good for that weapon. FWIW I went with the Lance and got Jaggi armor as my first upgrade.

Any general tips would be really appreciated

Read this helpful topic

What is the availability of quests like for this game?

All the content is available in offline solo play.

And if so, should I download all the quests straight away

All the DLC is free to download but you will have to play the game to progress to the required Hunter Rank for most of them.

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