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User Info: DeeSmoove23

4 years ago#1
was wondering where i get this item at

User Info: Mr_Basara

4 years ago#2
G rank Altaroths (sp?) The yellow bugs that crawl on the ground. You have to kill them without making them burst, preferably with poison smoke bombs or a weak poison weapon. For more detail, just use the search function. I'm sure someone's gone into detail about the best place to farm em... Maybe Misty Peaks?
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User Info: Lioleia

4 years ago#3
Make the Bloodwings Dual Blades, carefully hit them until they're poisoned, then run around until they die. Using poison shots with a weak bowgun should also work. This method also works for Bnahabra.

I just did on the Deserted Island, but then I'm kind of crap at navigating the Misty Peaks.
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User Info: MrPoppadopolis

4 years ago#4
I've obtained all the prized stomachs I needed by using the 'Hunters for Hire' doing G rank small monsters quests. If you have any, I suggest sending them on that. There's a quest specifically to kill altaroths or something along those lines.. Also receive bnahabra parts too.
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User Info: DeeSmoove23

4 years ago#5
thanks all your guys information was useful just need these to make the bug armor..actually has some good traits

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