lrg wyvern stones

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User Info: MHobsesser

4 years ago#1
I've Looked Around But Can't Find Any Super Reliable Info On The Best way To Obtain Them. Are There Any monsters That Have A Better Carve Chance Than The Others? Or Quest With A Better Chance Of Rewards? Also If You're Just Going To Post And ***** About All The Capitals In My Post, Don't Bother. I've Heard It All Before And Cant figure Out How To Fix It. Sorry.

User Info: Sailor_Razor

4 years ago#2

That shows data on where to get them. In more precise details, the absolute best would probably be [Advanced] Seeing Green, which pits you against two Green Plesioths. It's a body carve for them. Otherwise, pick a monster from the list that you feel comfortable fighting, and go for it.

User Info: Sailor_Razor

4 years ago#3
Little update, Crimson Qurupeco is a good decision. It has two breaks that can potentially give you Lrg Wyvern Stones, and another chance if you capture. Only took me ten minutes with Glacial Diva and that was after Duramboros crashed the party.

User Info: Bunnywunny

4 years ago#4
any chain hunt that is all monsters without their own "gem" drop will give you lots of large wyvern stones pretty easily.

i find agnaktor and barioth tend to be the most generous with them for single monster hunts as well
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User Info: angelofcalamity

4 years ago#5
Any g rank advanced quest would do. I have 107 of them lying around from just trying to finish all the 6* quests
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