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User Info: Mx4_1204

3 years ago#1
What do you think of Sharpness+1? - Results (94 votes)
Completely necessary in G Rank
34.04% (32 votes)
Only necessary for some weapons that benefit a lot from it (like Cera Cymmetry, Rising Tempest)
29.79% (28 votes)
Only necessary for some monsters that are super tough
2.13% (2 votes)
Option 2 + Option 3 (some monsters and some weapons)
13.83% (13 votes)
I like it, but it's not necessary
13.83% (13 votes)
I don't care about it
6.38% (6 votes)
This poll is now closed.
This question has irked me for a long time. I've seen it discussed, and, before I give my thoughts, I want to hear more people's thoughts on the matter.

What is your opinion of S+1?
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User Info: hadiwinata

3 years ago#2
Necessity in SOLO play and when it actually provides significant boost to the sharpness, whether it be something like :
- bushido that turns the tiny sliver of purple into a very long bar or something like
- blade of tartarus that jumps from green to purple

when on something that is not "damage dealing weapon" like for example the dirty graf or the chum chum's less of a necessity and more of a luxury
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User Info: X_battousaiX

3 years ago#3
Option 2: Only a necessity on some weapons.

As its often said, its only worthwhile if the weapon jumps to a new sharpness, or in the case of Bushido: Gains about 20+ times its original durability in purple sharpness.

Personally? I use it on MOST of my sets. Not all of them, but I currently lack any weapons that don't benefit in some way (new sharpness or increased sharpness for the same level), so I like having it around *most* of the time.

Its a pain in the A** to gem in on most sets, even with my handicraft +5 2 slot talisman, but its a very reliable boost when its there.

Doesn't mean I use it on everything. There are definitely times where I prefer using my Rath Soul Z over my Helios Z set, as I either get more use by not bouncing off the monster (even though I have to sharpen more often), or simply feel like S+1 doesn't give me enough to be worthwhile over the other set (often the case when I need dragon resist +15 and eat for dragon resist to hit +28 dragon resist on the set).

Still, S+1 is amazing, but its not for every weapon type. DBs love it for most cases (Bushido is unusable otherwise), but its a shame only one of the 3 dragon element DBs get purple, and its not much either, so it doesn't "benefit" them as much as other weapon types.

I'd honestly say GS benefits the most from S+1 due to being slow but powerful hits, making the added sharpness last longer. It probably lasts for as many hits on two weapons of comparable sharpness, but due to hitting less often it just ends up lasting

So yeah, Option 2. Some weapons. It helps for some monsters as well, but its not a real necessity IMO.

Worth going for if you can get it in, but its not the end of the world if you can't get it on your set. IMO anyway.

Though I AM guilty of trying to cram it on each and every one of my sets, and pretty much always start my new sets with S+1 as the first skill on the set XD

User Info: azn_boy150

3 years ago#4
I like using Sharpness +1 on my Mizar's Asterism. How do I get Sharpness +2? :B
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User Info: Coryney

3 years ago#5
Technically, option #2 (there are some weapons which don't benefit enough from it's use, e.g. those which do not gain any more purple sharpness) but practically I use S+1 for the vast majority of my blademaster sets.
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User Info: Volkn

3 years ago#6
I think purple sharpness is necessary- not the skill, some weapons come with it and then there's hone blade.

User Info: FenixRonin

3 years ago#7
I prefer Option 2 + 3. I think that it's a great skill and you definitely should have a set with it especially early on however later on you have more options. Generally I don't really get Sharpness + 1 for the increased damage from Purple sharpness, I get it to extend sharpness so that I'm not bouncing on monsters for the most part. Granted I understand there comes a point when taking the time to sharpen will increase your dps vs. just continuing to attack but I guess I'm addicted to attacking. Because of that generally I either go with a set with S +1 or Mind's Eye, there is little point in having both for the most part. Of course S +1 has more use with weapons that have build in Mind's Eye like the SA, DB's with demon dance, Hammer with Super Pound etc.

Again since I mainly use S +1 for not bouncing on monsters it's also more useful on certain monsters. Against Glacial Agnaktor you either have to have Purple Sharpness at all times or use Mind's Eye so that is one monster that it doesn't pay to have Purple Sharpness unless you have a good sized bar of it and it's easier to just use Mind's Eye rather than having to sharpen every minute.

It's kind of a personal preference really but it is hard to go wrong when you put together a set and start with the Sharpness + 1 skill, however there are other options that should certainly be considered depending on the situation and your weapons available.
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User Info: YaminoSeigi

3 years ago#8
don't really need it as long as the weapon got decent white sharpness considering the armor set with natural S+1 in this game is rather bland and pretty much impossible to gem from scratch

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User Info: Mx4_1204

3 years ago#9
Ok, this is kinda what I was expecting.

For the guys who picked the last two, I don't have much to say to you.

For the guys who said some monsters, ok. S+1 is a fine skill, and it does help make quests easier.

For the guys who said some weapons, that's fine too. It's a great indirect attack booster. For weapons like Cera Cymmetry and Grongigas that get massive boosts of damage from it, or weapons like Bushido or the Miralis weapons that more than triple their sharpness bar, it's fantastic. The fact that it also indirectly boosts elemental damage too is cool.

It's the 30% that think it's necessary that I have an issue with. See, there's this mentality going around that S+1 is the end all be all skill in this game. There are a lot of people saying it's necessary to have S+1 to even get through G Rank, constantly quoting the Helios ZZZXZ set for anyone entering G Rank, and that any set without it is unnecessary and pointless.

Long story short, I don't think so.

Why? Well, for one thing, I've lived it. I have beaten every single G Rank non-DLC monster without needing or even using S+1, or even a purple sharpness weapon. I currently have only one purple sharpness weapon, The Crimsidian, and I got that late in my game, because f*** every other fire SA. I am living proof that S+1 and purple sharpness are not necessary to get through G Rank.

That's not to say I don't like S+1. I think it's fine. I used to use it all the time in Unite when it was more effective and easier to get. I used to rock a S+1, Sharp Sword, CE+3 set in that game, and that was practically all I ever used, and then I got tired of it. I got tired of using super armor skills all the time, and it carried over here. I wanted to use weird and interesting armor sets, like my Ludroth Z set, which has Negate Hunger, Marathon Runner, Negate Poison, Status Atk+2, and CE+3, or like my Barroth X set, which has AuL, Guard+1, and Constitution+2.

All I want to say is use what you want, but be creative and adventurous with your armor sets. I don't want to go online and see dozens of people wearing the same Helios set because they can't live without S+1.
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User Info: MuttonBasher

3 years ago#10
Mx4_1204 posted...
I don't want to go online and see dozens of people wearing the same Helios set because they can't live without S+1.

I can't live without S+1. ;) Seriously. Unless I need fencing for something (blos, aggy) I have to have it. And yeah, it makes my sets rather boring: Hel Z with the crystal jhen chest, which works well with my talisman, and a full set of Rath Soul Z. I rarely use anything else if I'm meleeing.
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